Shut Up You Freak! 2021

After a long hiatus from posting, it’s time to break out the hose!

Although the show has been airing continuously at 1700 – 1900 UTC Sundays since July 2017, and until 1930 UTC since May 16, 2021, this space has been dormant for a while. As you avid Freaks already know, I don’t do much talking and let the music speak for itself. However, I would like to use this space to post playlists and show notes for those interested in knowing a little more about the song selection and all things related to the show.

The show is essentially purification through free association. It started as a trip through my musical memories as they connected to my life at airtime. The show is still such and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

The show is an internal monologue manifested through music that I hope brings the listener something to enjoy with their Sunday coffee or tea. These postings will hopefully accompany and compliment the musical selections as the musical selections will also  hopefully accompany and compliment the life lived and the life imagined.

Generally the format of the show is a two-hour exploration of a theme with an occasional sound collage – part Theme Time Radio / part Best Show / part Midnight Gospel and heavily influenced by WFMU – Freeform Station of the Nation. Check out the show archives at your peril!

Look for show news, notes and playlists here. Let me know your thoughts and experiences as we embark on a new year creating new memories and sharing more music!

Now Shut Up You Freak and listen LIVE every Sunday from 1700 – 1930 UTC or check out the archives!