Playlist for 3/17/17

This week the show was expanded to two hours, I will edit this post later with links.

The RiffTones – Plans One Thru Nine
Insane Ian featuring The Stacey – Hard Corps (Green Lantern’s Light)
MC Lars – It’s Not Easy (Being Green) [feat. Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan]
Simon Mathewson – Bottle of Beer
Bill Shipper – Only Do My Taxes When I Drink
Steve Goodie – I Drink Well With Others
Simon Mathewson– Drunk on a Train
Patrick Rennick and Stephen Whaley – Death Star Prison Blues
the great Luke Ski– When You Wish Upon A Death Star
Power Salad – Leia (And Other Assorted Star Wars Parodies)
Random (Mega Ran), Mega Ran & K-Murdock – Drop the Load
Devo Spice, featuring the great Luke Ski – Lotta Bodies
Dino-Mike – Zombie Girl
Insane Ian – Some Zombie by George Romero
MC Frontalot – I’ll Form the Head
Mega Ran – Space Defense Team (feat. Kool Keith & Wordburglar)
Mikey Mason – (Big Damn) Hero
Harve Mann – Can’t Get A Human On The Phone
Consortium of Genius – Middle Earth Needs Me
Steve Goodie – Everything You Know Is Wrong
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Black Holes Suck
Devo Spice – Ozzman (2013)
Cirque du So What – Stupid Cowboy Thing (Reprise?)
Worm Quartet – A Song for Worm Quartet to Sing with TV’s Kyle
Cirque du So What – How To Speak ShoEboX
Ookla The Mok – The Other Side
Kobi LaCroix – Look Directly at the Floating Polystyrene Head
MEGATHRUSTER – Super Duper Con
Lauren Mayer – Dear Internet Trolls
Marc Gunn – Doctor of Gallifrey
Carrie Dahlby – Titanic Monday
Smashy Claw – Deja Vu (Deja Vu)
Bonecage – You’re the Man (In Black)

Background and closing music was Furious Freak by Kevin Macleod of
Kevin Mcleod’s music is released under the Creative Commons 3.0: By Attribution license.
Most of Jonathan Coulton’s music is Licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0: Attribution-NonCommercial Unported license.

Some songs on today’s show were courtesy of The Funny Music Project.
All other songs on today’s show, played with permission of the artist or band.

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