Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 839 – 2021/11/06

“New beat is a Belgian electronic dance music genre that fused elements of new wave, hi-NRG, EBM, acid house and hip hop (e.g. scratching). It flourished in Western Europe during the late-1980s.

New beat spawned a subgenre called “hard beat” (a blend of EBM, new beat and acid house) and became a key influence on the evolution of European electronic dance music styles such as hardcore techno and gabber.”



Edwards & Armani – Acid Drill (1989)
Cybex Factor – Experiment (1992 Splattermix)
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – Ov The Maenads (1991)
D-Shake – Techno Trance (1990)
THE MAXX – Techno Time (1989)
Bassline Boys – On Se Calme (7″ Version) (1989)
Taste of Sugar – Hmm Hmm (1988)
Miss Nicky Trax – Acid In The House (1988)
Speedy J – De-Orbit (1991)
New Scene – Out Of Control (1989)
Prager Handgriff – Zivilisation (1993)
Transform – Transformation (Club Mix) (1992)
The Source Experience – Point Zero (Original Mix) (1994)
Recall IV – Contrast (Facets Edit)
Rhythm Device – Acid Rock (1989)

Author: snowdusk

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