Half Hour of Power playlist EP13, 2018/05/16

Tonight was (already!) the second Yerzmyey night, hot on the heels of last week.   This time I focused on Yerz’s more unconventional or experimental output, featuring a song made on a Raspberry Pi (RPi Zwei), a song made on two synchronised ZX Spectrums, one using an AY sound chip and one using the beeper (Proof of Concept), and a song made on a ZX Spectrum but heavily post-processed using filters, phasers, phlangers, delays, reverbs and more to lend the sound of “Berlin School” electronica (Unknown Radiation Spectrum).  Yerz is certainly not a one-trick pony.

  1. Yerzmyey – Ambiental
  2. Yerzmyey – Proof of Concept (from album Astral Combat)
  3. Yerzmyey – Chouyaku (from album Microsongs)
  4. Yerzmyey – Death Squad (from album Deathsquad)
  5. Yerzmyey – Weird (from album Freakuencies)
  6. Yerzmyey – Industrial Fucking Part 5 (from album Astral Combat)
  7. Yerzmyey – RPi Zwei (from album RPi Zwei)
  8. Yerzmyey – Mission Highly Improbable Part 1 (from album Mission Highly Improbable)
  9. Yerzmyey – Mission Highly Improbable Part 2 (from album Mission Highly Improbable)
  10. Yerzmyey – Unknown Radiation Spectrum (from album Strange Light Under My Bed)

Author: solderpunk