Half Hour of Power playlist EP12, 2018/05/09

Tonight was the first ever Yerz Night (yes, there will be more)!  All tracks are by my favourite chiptune artist Yerzmyey, a talented and innovative dude who has been rocking beeps since 1989, has started two chiptune bands (AY Riders and YM Digital) and has played live at major chiptune events in Japan and the US!

  1. Yerzmyey – Where is Love? (from album Ye Olde Square)
  2. Yerzmyey – Break Space (from album ZX 81)
  3. Yerzmyey – Arcane Zone (from album RetroBeat)
  4. Yerzmyey – XL Dance (from album XL Digital)
  5. Yerzmyey – Time Machine II (from album aTTraction)
  6. Yerzmyey – Trackers Forever! (from album Oldschool MODe)
  7. Yerzmyey – 5th Channel (from album Interphase)
  8. Yerzmyey – Haunted Mansion (from album Brutal and Aggressive)
  9. Yerzmyey – Jigoku no sanba (from album Microsongs – sadly faded out before end!)

Author: solderpunk