Half Hour of Power playlist EP01, 2018/02/21

Thanks so much to everybody who listened in to my first show!  I already can’t wait for next week.  Here is tonight’s playlist (formatted as Artist – Track):

  1. Tao  – Warryorz (from YM Rockers album “Warryorz”)
  2. Factor 6 – Back in Time (from AY Riders album “8 Bits if Enuff” )
  3. Response – NymphoManiac Mansion
  4. Ben Daglish – The Last Ninja (Wastelands level)
  5. Jester – Stardust Memories
  6. cTrix – Light n0va
  7. Bomb Boy – Ignition, Set, GO!
  8. Mister Beep – Love Quest (from album “A thousand furious bees”)

Thanks again, keep it lo-fi!

Author: solderpunk