ASFO 2022–10–01

Cheers for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test and the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University! Also, I test the Watermelon Hypothesis (“Green on the outside, Red on the inside”) and find it wanting. In particular, personal experience leads me to believe that life in a solar–powered city would be far more socially unequal, and far less pleasant, than in a nuclear–powered one.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2022–10–04 Continuing with The Breeder Reactor, we have the conclusion of Lord Hinton’s piece ; The Energy Gap and the Fast Reactor, by Sir John Hill of the UKAEA ; and The Scottish Viewpoint by KJW Alexander of the Highlands and Islands Development Board, along with summaries of some of the other contributions.
  • 2022–10–07 Before concluding The Breeder Reactor with The Breeder Reactor in Electricity Supply by DR Berridge and KR Vernon (representing the two Scottish electricity boards), the Summing–Up by EL Tombs of the Electricity Council, and a part of the Discussion, I read the common Foreword to a group of electronic monographs published circa 2009 by the French Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique, from Bernard Bigot, High Commissioner for Atomic Energy.

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