ASFO 2022–09–10

Back from the Worldcon, hopefully back to doing regular shows. Yes, I have a report to give on the convention (photos here), as well as opinions to express about people who think refrigeration is wasteful, and a campaign in the Netherlands to conserve gas by getting people to bathe less. But first : poetry!

Photo of the "Man and Atom" display at Chicon 8. There are two tables with exhibits on them, and hortatory table fronts. Above these are displays of art. In the background is the famous Lunar Orbiter low-angle photo of Copernicus, printed on cloth.
“Man and Atom” display at Chicon 8. That’s me in green.

Supplemental Shows

  • 2022–09–13 After a little glitch at the start, I read two leaflets (“Monroe Faces Tomorrow” and “Atomic Power for Peace and Prosperity”) about the Enrico Fermi breeder reactor plant at Lagoona Beach near Monroe, Michigan ; and then I start on a coffee–table book entitled The Nuclear Age by Jacques Leclercq of Electricité de France. I get through the front and back jacket matter, and the preface by Marcel Boiteux of EdF. The recording cuts off just as I get to the end of the preface, but none of the text is omitted.
  • 2022–09–16 Foreword to The Nuclear Age by Lord Marshall of Goring (Dr Sir Walter Marshall, sometime head of both the Central Electricity Generating Board and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority), followed by reading the section headings and attempts to describe the accompanying paintings. According to the artist’s Web site, the paintings can now be viewed in the City Hall of the French town of Gravelines.

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