Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 929 – 2022/10/23

Die Partei

Download/listen to the audio recording from the aNONradio archives (mp3/86.2MB)

I had a huge mishap while doing this live show and so I would like to apologize for that. The live show stops at 26:03, there will be a short blackout, then our robo DJ kicks in at 27:22 playing one of my show’s past episodes, and then finally at 36:00 the live show resumes. I had to restart my 2 laptops, my DJ equipment, and my Internet router, just in case, so I could eliminate the culprit… and in the end, I think it was my own fault. I may have accidentally placed something (most likely my mouse) on top of the ‘return’ key on my external keyboard. LOL. This scene from one of HBO’s Silicon Valley episodes will probably help explain everything. Well, it’s too late now, I already tucked my external keyboard and mouse away, and decided I would be using my laptop for DJing bare and minimal. Don’t want that happening again!

It’s funny because just a few minutes before the mishap I mentioned this same show live to my listeners. Again, LOL. My apologies… but, I really think the tracks I played tonight were great. I really enjoyed listening to them and I hope you would too.

In this episode I played mostly 80’s underground synth pop and new wave bands from Germany and Spain. There were also bands from Canada (Montréal) and Austria.


  • Wo sind Sie? – Die Partei
  • Lebensborn – Spastic Joy
  • Beato – Funeraria Vergara
  • Síguelo – Tiempo 555
  • Zuerst Ich – Silvia
  • Plan “X” – Flash Cero
  • Nachtschwärmer – In-Seit
  • La Espía Que Me Amo – Claustrofobia
  • Astradyne – Ultravox
  • The Girl Is Mine – Kremlyn
  • Arrebato de Locura – Terminal
  • Ostafrika – Die Partei
  • Liebe, Triebe, Diebe, Hiebe – Schwellkörper