ASFO 2022–06–04

Western converts to Buddhism are somehow in my line of ire? Honestly, it’s more about writers who begin statements consisting of bare assertion with the phrase “we know that…” This show is notable for long quotations from people I whose positions I feel the need to assail. As Levar Burton always said on Reading Rainbow, “don’t take my word for it!” Also I use backyard swimming pools as an extended metaphor, or something.

Supplementary Show

Nullogic’s favorite episode of Zeptar – The Zeptar Show

One of my comrades whom i battled in Internet Relay Chat Wars *much like the clone wars from Star Wars^ anyways its a funny story.. so I got into the IRC group on SDF once and made myself the &zeptar in the channel and it caused ‘some concern that I could not be de-op’d or kicked or muted and i just sat bavk then people went ape nuts to test this new op. I had full sanction and figured out \the server configuration. Anyways it spawned many lulz. I need a redo.