Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 836 – 2021/10/24


The Immortals – Warlord (Part II)
Ajello – Moody Bang
Player One – Space Invaders (MJY Disco Mix)
Giorgio Moroder – Giorgio’s Theme
Alexander Robotnick – Obsession For The Disco Freaks
Jorge Socarras – Fanatico: Dancing Days
Gino Soccio – Dancer (Armando Edit)
Jean Michel JarreΒ – Popcorn
Digital Emotion – Don’t Stop
Cerrone – Resolution
Vangelis – Pulstar (Gon Haziri Remix)
Freddie Mercury – Love Kills (Extended Dance Remix)

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 835 – 2021/10/23


Stuff – Darkstar
Lowfish – No Longer Accepting Complaints
Tiefschwarz – Do Me feat. Khan (Roman FlΓΌgel Remix)
Richie HawtinΒ – Yeke yeke (Original Mix)
Donna Summer – I Feel Love (Afrojack Remix)
Philippe Laurent – Rapide 5
Boys Noize – Vergiftet
Der Zyklus – Shapeshifter
Boston 168 – Interstellar
Vitalic – La Rock 01
The Emperor Machine – No Sale No I.D. (Simian Mobile Disco Version)
Machinegewehr – Nutant

dj Damaru * evolutionRevolution

Hi, I’m dj Damaru. I’m mixing live from Kootenay lake in BC. It’s the first time that I have a radio show so I’m still defining/expressing what the show is all about. At this point, it will be a mixture of musical exploration mixed with yoga/meditation ideas, on every Tuesday 1600 UTC

dj damaru?

I use the handle Damaru, as this is Shiva’s drum. I’ve been following the path of Kashmir Shaivism for over 20 years now while learning from different yoga and mediation lineage, so even dj’ing for me is part of the journey. The damaru is an hourglass-shaped drum which in the tantric tradition was built with 2 top craniums, connected together. Two skins are put on the cranium’s half and a ball connected to a string, attached to the center.


The evolution of the human race seems to be forgotten, buried below a load of consumerism. It feels like evolution should be at the center of our day-to-day activities or at least I’ve always felt like that. The term evolution revolution actually comes from an animated series, Aeon Flux, where the bad guy scientist creates a ray that would kill all the non-evolved humans and only leave the most evolved human on the planet.


Celebrating and listening to 8-track tape cartridges on 2 episodes of FFF

Back in May of 2020 before I took a few months off from aNONradio, I did two episodes where we explored and listened to some 8-tracks. You might enjoy these episodes; I hold the microphone up to the player so you can hear the cartridge loading and program switching sounds of the machinery.

The two episodes start with an mp3 while I am still setting up, and then the fun begins. You will enjoy hearing a big hit single being split across two programs of the tape (a common flaw with 8-tracks), and me joke about how the wow and flutter was so bad it changed the key of the song (because it really did, haha! πŸ™‚ )

FFF 8-track tape special 1
FFF 8-track tape special 2

Happy listening!

Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White on FFF from 2016

Digging through my old playlists (which are available as 2015-2017 and 2018-2020) I found an episode from February 6th, 2016 made in honor of Maurice White who had just passed away in 2016. I think you will enjoy it too, as there are a lot of awesome rare album cuts, long jam sessions, and new material you may have never heard before from the kozmigroov funk band Earth, Wind & Fire.

Also contained in this episode is a snippet of aNONradio history, as I mention at the end of the episode the upcoming shows for the day, which was Saturday and so it was DGC, The Soundshow, IGWM (which I mention is my favorite show on all of aNONradio πŸ™‚ ), and Asia Culture Adventure with Hong Tudou. Hey, that’s still pretty much the line up!

FFF from Feb 6th, 2016: EW&F Special

Here is the playlist:

Feb 6, 2016
Earth Wind & Fire Special
EWF – Serpentine Fire – All β€˜n All – 1977
EWF – Runnin’ – All ‘n All – 1977
EWF – Getaway – Spirit – 1976

EWF – Guiding Lights – Now Then & Forever – 2013
EWF – Show me the way (feat Raphael Saadiq) – Illumination – 2005
EWF – Imagination – Spirit – 1976
EWF – Jupiter – All β€˜n All – 1977
EWF – Keep your head to the sky – Head to the sky – 1973
EWF – KYHTTS/Devotion – Gratitude (1975) the eternal dance (1992)
EWF – Sun Goddess feat Ramsey Lewis – Alive in ’75 (2002)
EWF – Power – Last Days and Time – 1972
EWF – Fan the fire – EWF – 1971

EWF – Sign On – Now then and forever – 2013
EWF – Hold Me – The Promise – 2003
EWF – After the love has gone – I Am – 1979
EWF – Let Your Feelings Show – I Am – 1979
EWF – And Love Goes On – Faces – 1980
EWF – See the light – That’s the way of the world – 1975
EWF – Faces – Faces – 1980


EWF – Fill You up – In the name of love – 1997