Celebrating and listening to 8-track tape cartridges on 2 episodes of FFF

Back in May of 2020 before I took a few months off from aNONradio, I did two episodes where we explored and listened to some 8-tracks. You might enjoy these episodes; I hold the microphone up to the player so you can hear the cartridge loading and program switching sounds of the machinery.

The two episodes start with an mp3 while I am still setting up, and then the fun begins. You will enjoy hearing a big hit single being split across two programs of the tape (a common flaw with 8-tracks), and me joke about how the wow and flutter was so bad it changed the key of the song (because it really did, haha! 🙂 )

FFF 8-track tape special 1
FFF 8-track tape special 2

Happy listening!