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MTT 187 / I Came Here To Tell You

I needed to do something different, so: an hour of ambient music. Sad, sleepy, and distant. I don’t know much about ambient, and it’s maybe a little awkward or careless to mix it like this, but I hope it’s enjoyable nonetheless.

Due to technical difficulties this installment of Movement Through Thought did not broadcast or archive correctly at aNONradio. As such, the mix had to be re-recorded and is right now only available at mixcloud.


  1. Galcid / Retro Grade 00:00
  2. Access To Arasaka / Tonight 05:01
  3. Access To Arasaka / Navi 07:47
  4. FUSE / Nitedrive 10:51
  5. Stringtronics / Dawn Mists 13:55
  6. Neotropic / Odity Round-A-Heights 17:21
  7. Danny Scrilla / Pathway 20:00
  8. Robert Rich & B. Lustmord / Elemental Trigger 22:55
  9. AS1 / Mood Sequence 00.013 28:55
  10. J. Wiltshire / In The Position 31:01
  11. Sangam / Subdioecy 33:22
  12. The War Against The Sun / Protosphere 36:57
  13. Jeff Mills / Replicant 39:30
  14. Newworldaquarium / Curse Of The Bloody Puppets 40:52
  15. Darkpyramid / Floating Shrine 42:40
  16. Xela / Recitation 46:31
  17. Pete Namlook / Music For Urban Meditation Part III 58:00
  18. NNYNYX / Serial Experiments 59:41

There are a few releases I’d like to highlight this week, starting with the classic Stalker by Robert Rich and Brian Lustmord. I suspect this is a very well known album and I’m just out of the loop, but it’s worth repeating that it’s terrific. The tracklist link above takes you to the album’s entry at the Hearts Of Space website which will in turn take you to amazon if you want to purchase it.

The second is J. Wiltshire‘s album Resa on Musar Recordings, who were kind enough to send me a promo copy of the album. (Thank you). The sixth track In The Position plays here as track 10. It’s a hazy album, sometimes warm and playful, sometimes more distant. I like it. And it gave this installment of MTT its name, though I misremembered the exact words.

My last highlight is Xela‘s album Exorcism, nearly a third of which plays at the end of this mix. I think I heard about Exorcism through Warren Ellis‘s old blog back in 2012, I downloaded it and loved it immediately. The sendspace link in the original blogpost for the album is down, and so is the soundcloud upload. Fortunately a user named Strelok has uploaded the whole thing to youtube: track 1 Charmtrack 2 Recitationtrack 3 Potion. This is one I often return to, so give it a listen if you haven’t heard it before.

This is my last broadcast on aNONradio, the last new episode of Movement Through Thought to be transmitted here. I won’t go into detail why – I don’t care for drama, and it’s really not worth the time. I’d rather not distract from the music. The music is more important.

I’d like to get back on the radio somewhere, but that will take time I think. For now I will keep up the practice by uploading shows to mixcloud, starting next week. Something for the beginning of October.

Goodbye aNONradio.

FroggyMe’s Fantastic Fantasy playlist – Sept. 27, 2020

Milt Jackson – Sunflower (Freddie Hubbard) – Sunflower (CTI)
Freddie Hubbard – Sky Dive – Sky Dive (CTI)
Airto Moriera – Tombo in 7/4 – Fingers (CTI)
Airto Moriera – Flora’s Song – Free (CTI)

Hubert Laws – Moment’s Notice (CTI)

Paul Desmond – Wave (probably feat Jim Hall on guitar) (CTI)
CTI All-stars – People Make the World Go Round (Stylistics, CTI original on Milt Jackson’s Sunflower) – CTI Summer Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Live Two (1972) (CTI)
Esther Philips – Home is where the hatred is (Gil Scott-Heron) (CTI)
Wilbert Longmire – Starflight – Sunny Side Up (Tappan Zee)
Groove Collective – World Bank – Dance of the Drunken Master (1998 Shanache)

Dally Rhythms – 2020.09.27


  • Lazarusman & Nick Devon – Style (Jules & Moss Remix), C minor, 122 bpm
  • Li-Polymer – Wicked Or Sadness, C minor, 124 bpm
  • Lula Circus – Theory of folds (Original mix), C minor, 120 bpm
  • Phonique – For The Time Being (Wehbba & Accioly Remix), Gb minor, 123 bpm
  • Pan-Pot – Gravity (Safeword’s Tenderloin Mix), Gb minor, 125 bpm
  • ANNA – Face Your Fears (Original Mix), Gb minor, 124 bpm
  • Dawn Razor – Acid Trance 1, Bb minor, 127 bpm
  • Flashmob – Switch (Hobo Remix), Bb minor, 127 bpm
  • Beat Factory – B018 (16 Bit Lolitas Remix), F minor, 126 bpm
  • Cucumbers – Take Care of Love (Max Lyazgin Remix), F minor, 120 bpm
  • Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane (Stern Disco Edit), F minor, 121 bpm
  • Betoko – Raining Again (Best Seller Edit), F minor, 126 bpm

Available for download in the archives.