Daily Archives: September 21, 2020

MTT 186 / Breathe Life

An electro, IDM, and ambient grab-bag, all at around 120. New(ish) tracks from Pearson Sound and Scape One plus some old favorites.

This show can be downloaded from aNONradio’s archives here: https://archives.anonradio.net/202009180600_cev.mp3, and streamed at mixcloud here: https://www.mixcloud.com/djcev/mtt-186-breathe-life/.


  1. Mrs Jynx / Dinner Dance 00:00
  2. Space Dimension Controller / VCOcation 04:24
  3. Shadowbunny / Feathers 06:20
  4. Dark Vektor / Cyan 09:51
  5. Scape One / Hyperbolix 14:07
  6. Lego Feet / Untitled [Part 2 Track 5] 17:20
  7. Amorphous Androgynous / Fat Cat 21:47
  8. Kaiowa / Aliensex 25:22
  9. Midnight Star / Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) 28:29
  10. Ivna Ji / Laax 32:59
  11. Voigt Kampff / Question 36:22
  12. DMX Krew / The Storm King 39:35
  13. Pearson Sound / Everything Is Inside Out 43:04
  14. Dagobert / Bionic Two 47:20
  15. Azure Taint / Bergluft 50:08
  16. SMX / Sleep 53:19
  17. Jega / Inertia 57:17

Scape One‘s Hyperbolix is (relatively) new, released in February on the album Cosmic Trax through Mr. Baggaley’s bandcamp. I played the first track off it a couple months ago, one of the Jive Rhythm Trax tributes. Hyperbolix is more moody than those tributes, more in line with what the album sounds like as a whole.

The other new song this week is Pearson Sound‘s Everything Is Inside Out from his Alien Mode EP. I played the A side of this two weeks ago, and am really glad to get to this track (B2) now. It’s a genre-bending piece, as much techno or breaks or IDM as it is anything else. The kicks are arranged in the same pattern as the second half of the Numbers rhythm, there’s no snare or strong accent on 2, I dunno, it’s weird. And weird in this case is good.

There’s lots more to recommend here: Shadowbunny is awesome, Ivna Ji’s Laax EP is one of my favorite things of the last couple of years, even an old semi-forgotten tracker mod in Aliensex by Kaiowa. But I feel like moving on. I’ll be back next week with something slower, as usual.

FroggyMe’s Fantastic Fantasy – playlist Sept. 20, 2020

The Crusaders – Put It Where You Want It – Crusaders 1
George Benson – White Rabbit (CTI)
Herb Alpert – Aranjuez (mon amor) – rise (1980)

Jim Hall – Concierto de Aranjuez – Concierto (1975 CTI)

Brecker Brothers Band – Lovely Lady (Luther Vandross before famous) – Back to Back (1976 Arista)
Brecker Brothers Band – Night Flight (by Michael Brecker, feat jungle duck) – Back to Back

EW&F – end of Clover with the Jungle Duck – Head to the Sky
EW&F – Build Your Nest – Head to the Sky

Angela Bofil – something about you – title track (Arista)

Bob Siebenberg – Space Quest 3 – Closing Medley (Roland MT-32) – (Sierra Online 1989)