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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 563 – 2019/01/30

Xmal Deutschland
Xmal Deutschland

Download the audio recording from the archives

Clan of Xymox – Agonised by Love
Death in June – The Calling (Mk II)
Moev – Crucify Me
Xmal Deutschland – Mondlicht
Dense Society – Midnight Land
Modern English – Tables Turning
B-Movie – Nowhere Girl
Joy Division – Isolation
Sad Lovers & Giants – Things We Never Did
Berlin – Pleasure Victim
Disciples of Spess – Another New Iceland (Jonsson Mix)
Devo – Planet Earth
Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes The World
Yaz – Situation
Information Society – Think
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 562 – 2019/01/29

Front 242
Front 242

Download the audio recording from the archives

Kraftwerk – Numbers (2009 – Remaster)
Master Program – Central Europe
Front 242 – Neurobashing
Front Line Assembly – Re-birth
Frittenbude – Electrofikkkke
The Horrorist – Power Is Force
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Hack Attack
Apoptygma Berzerk – Electricity (as made famous by Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark)
Chemlab – Codeine, Glue, and You
Atari Teenage Riot – Hetzjagd auf Nazis (hunt down the Nazis) – Live
Ogre (Skinny Puppy) – Borderline (as made famous by Madonna)
Noise Unit – The Drain
(Cevin) Key – Bobs Shadow
Moskwa TV – Moskwa Electronic
Front 242 – Angst
Front 242 – Welcome to Paradise
Orbital – Halcyon and On and On

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 561 – 2019/01/28


Download the audio recording from the archives

Marsheaux – See You
Cults – We’ve Got It
Boy George – The Crying Game
Marsheaux – Eyes Without A Face
Ladytron – Blue Jeans
Nine Circles – Vulkan
Envelope Generator – Natalie*
Denki Groove – Tokyo Genghis Khan
Yellow Magic Orchestra – 1000 Knives
Plastique de Rêve – Love On The Tape
Ruth – Polaroïd/Roman/Photo
Ladytron – Little Black Angel
Time Modem – Suono Elettronico
SONOIO – As Long As You Make A Sound

*- Check out Envelope Generator’s Bandcamp site:

MTT 100 / Empty Grove

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-01-25:

  1. ASC / Oceanography 00:00
  2. Fracture / Sound Spectrum ’96 05:14
  3. Nebula / Frame Of Reference 08:16
  4. Enjoy ft. Paolo Corsini / Jellyfishes Leave Me Indifferent 13:10
  5. Parallel / Into The Deep End 17:41
  6. Infest / Peaceful Tree 22:56
  7. Moreno / Alone 26:40
  8. Dissident / Universe Eat Universe 30:35
  9. Brad Impact / Everything I Left Behind 35:37
  10. R.M / Tanuki 38:58
  11. Equinox / Your Love’s So Cold 43:30
  12. Sileni / Bouncing Octagonal Fragments (Macc Remix) 48:35
  13. Nebula / Encounters VIP 51:24
  14. Spotless / She Showed, She Smiled 56:51

Direct link to the recording:

Dally Rhythms – 2019.01.26


  • Julian Dep – Storm Cycles (Kissoff Remix), 123 bpm, C minor
  • Xiasou, K.E.L, Ellen Curtis – Never Alone (George Freeman Remix), 127 bpm, Eb major
  • Michael Claveria – Monday Visions (Stanisha Remix), 125 bpm, F minor
  • Pablo German – Midnight (Original Mix), 120 bpm, Bb minor
  • DJ Emmo – Entangled Singularity Level 2 (George Yammine Remix), 124 bpm, Eb minor
  • Sergei Spatz – Focus (Gleb Rubens Remix), 120 bpm, Gb major
  • Midinoize – Roller Coaster Addict, 125 bpm, B major
  • RezQ Sound – Abyss (Ioan Gamboa Remix), 124 bpm, B major
  • Matter – You Are Here (Ewan Rill Remix), 124 bpm, D major
  • Matt Rowan – Cantstandya (Li-Polymer Remix), 121 bpm, D major
  • Iga Dep – Antiseptic (Napalm & D-phrag Remix), 126 bpm, A minor
  • Ewan Rill – Kinetic Energy (Original Mix), 124 bpm, C major
  • Progress Inn – Rituals (Following Light Remix), 123 bpm, G minor

Available for download in the archives

organized chaos…

Wednesdays 00:00 UTC ANONRADIO.NET

Organized Chaos -noun [ U ] /ˌɔːr.ɡən.aɪzd ˈkeɪ.ɑːs/

a complex situation or process that appears chaotic while having enough order to achieve progress…..

Why Organized Chaos?

It’s a spin on an NYU College radio show called “Crucial Chaos” that was really popular in the late 80’s. So much so, Greenwich Village Record stores would run out of stock on the 7” that were played the night before. It was a breeding ground for new music, and indirectly relationships. As everyone started to know each other at Bleecker Bob’s record store, friends from all five boroughs. Music, at the heart of the scene.

It’s a homage to the days as a kid, doing the home work and being totally amazed by the stuff blasting through the beat box. Z100, WPLJ none of the commercial radio stations touched any of this stuff. This was the Underground, while mainly Hardcore, Rap, Industrial, Metal all found its way in the mix. It was fierce, full of angst drenched in disgust. The social commentary was a direct reflection of the street. Underneath the aggression though was a message of unity and hope. These shows were little for talk, other than show times at CBGB’s. The bumpers…clips of songs with a mono tone voice-over barely audible, reminding you to tune in every week. Billboards, Riot imagery or World War pics with the show name typed or written in marker.

Allow me to indulge and join me on this wild trip. Paying respect to the past while introducing you to songs of the now and beyond. This is Organized Chaos!!

organized chaos…x2

Thursdays 00:00 UTC ANONRADIO.NET

vortex – [ C usually singular ] vor·​tex | \ ˈvȯr-ˌteks\

literary a dangerous or bad situation in which you become more and more involved and from which you cannot escape.

Organized Chaos X2 – Vortex

Organized Chaos a homage to the hey day of the NYC underground scene, quickly spread throughout the land. with the blessing of @snowdusk_ (minister of culture-world) and the delivery mechanism of #anonradio we initiate via mount-point m3g5. The network was quickly engaged via the fediverse in the exteroception assault as we Orchestrate the Soundtrack of the Cyber-Revolution. Armed with a serving of Death Metal, Thrash and NY Hardcore. The troops breached the front lines for a fierce assault as they scrutinize the dexterity of your auditory sense and plant the seed within the depths of your subconscious.

The internet is it worth the creation of the black hole that sucks up all our time, creativity and friendships? The everyday mobile device is as powerful as a hand-grenade when it comes to starting a revolution! Leveraging the weakness of the human psyche to ingest all the lies that are attained on their mobile mind destruction devices, we look at the future of control technologies.

Compromise and redeploy the machines as we progress to spread through the global infrastructure, penetrating all ingress points along the way. Leveraging the power of the FOSS and the mobile device to further purport the revolution. The walk in the park will be a walk in the dark! And why? Because you don’t question yourself. Look at what our society has become! Anyone can get tortured, anyone can disappear! Modern governmental decisions combined with the carelessness and deceit of Silicon Valley cause the deaths of tens of thousands for profit!

Embarking where Organized Chaos’ dissent leaves off, X2 is the last chance for new levels of intellectualization. After this there is no turning back. Tune in to Organized Chaos X2 as you are transported to the center of the vortex. All we are offering is the truth. Nothing more.

Organized Chaos X2 – where anything goes! Join us as we bring it down, we decentralize and emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery, through the non-commercialization of the internet. This is Organized Chaos X2.

organized chaos – organized intelligence

Unclassified intelligence that has leaked via Mastodon.

Organized Chaos X2

Unclassified intelligence as propaganda leaked via Mastodon.