Insanity With Patience

thought overload, brain explodes
too many ideas, so little time…

This show probably isn’t what you’d expect from reading the title alone…

During the hour you may hear music, comedy, parodies, old time radio, or well.. just about anything! That’s why i decided to call it insanity, lol

I also thought it would be neat to host a show that isn’t connected to a specific “genre” and is open to change at any given time… a chaotic sort of show that can change directions at any given second of the program.

Showtime is Wednesdays at 06:00 UDT

Author: iwp

iwp is short for Insanity With Patience, an aNONradio program based upon my own thought overload.. I have too many ideas for too many types of shows, so i decided to consolidate all of those ideas into one show and unleash the insanity... after all, what good is 1000000000000 ideas if they are only half-baked and never get anywhere?