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intergalactic wasabi mix – 2018/04/02

“The Moog Cookbook – The Weirdest Band in the World” (a blog article)

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title / artist
Sweet Home Alabama (outro only) / The Moog Cookbook
Rock and Roll All Night / The Moog Cookbook
E.V.A. / Jean-Jacques Perrey
Popcorn / Hot Butter
Born to Be Wild / The Moog Cookbook
Passport to the Future / Jean-Jacques Perrey
Miss Modular / Stereolab
Sexy Boy / Air
I Wanna Be Your Lover / La Bionda
I Feel Love / Donna Summer
Pocket Calculator (2009 – Remaster) / Kraftwerk
25 Or 6 To 4 / The Moog Cookbook
Digital Dancing Zombie / POLYSICS
Meow / Anamanaguchi
I 10 / Japanther
Remember / Air
Hold On Let Go / SONOIO
There’s Never Enough Time / The Postal Service

I featured a whole bunch of titles with sounds produced by the majestic Moog analog synthesizers and other Moog-like synthesizers. I also played electronic rock tunes on this show… ah, and yes, also including my favourite vocoder sounds! This particular show was inspired by my fellow aNONradio.net DJ — tob! — who has recently acquired a new awesome toy — the Teenage Engineering PO-35! I know… Moog synths/analog synths and the TE PO-35 are two entirely musical instruments but to me, both produce really awesome (and sometimes wacky!) tunes. Please make sure you tune in to tob’s Dubious Goals Committee show on aNONradio.net because he would be demonstrating a lot of cool stuff that this tiny “synthesizer” can do! DGC with tob livestreams on aNONradio.net everyday from 19:30-20:00 UTC.

By the way, I used to play Moog music every Monday (“Moog Monday”) on the intergalactic wasabi mix 2 years ago. Just type “Moog” in the “Search” form on the aNONradio.net homepage and listen to the audio from the archives 🙂

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