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intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2017/12/31

Giorgio Moroder

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name / artist
Proxima Centauri / Nicolas Chenard
C’mon Letz Work / DJ Haus
Supernature (Edit) / Cerrone
Chase / Giorgio Moroder
I Feel Love / Donna Summer
Magic Fly / Space
Darkstar / Stuff
Rotterdam (Original Mix) / Nikolaj Schnur
I Want Your Soul / Armand Van Helden
151 (Kstarke’s Version) / Kevin Starke
Melchester Acid, Pt. 1 / Roy of the Ravers
Take a Walk (Si Begg Remix) / Bolz Bolz
Trail / DJ Jiggy
Baghdad Express / Underground Resistance
Valley of the Shadows / Origin Unknown

tob’s DGC Best of 2017!

(entry below was taken from tob’s post on ‘bboard’)

Below is a list of the Top 10 percent best Dubious Goals Committee shows of 2017. Don’t check the math. But do peruse the list and listen to these gems from the archive. Shows are archived by date, so pick a show and go to http://anonradio.net/archives/ to listen!

Note: No best shows in January, but there’s a whole week of good stuff between June 30 and July 5. Enjoy!

2017-02-25 Blenheim Castle
2017-03-08 Chasing an owl around OPPD
2017-03-25 Off-road R/C racing
2017-04-01 Building a ROCKET BOAT
2017-04-15 Building a mechanical CW keyer
2017-04-22 Building an AM transmitter
2017-05-06 Marmot whistles caught on tape
2017-05-20 My latest simple game engine
2017-05-27 Mysterious device testing
2017-06-21 A tornado warning
2017-06-24 Building a pneumatic launcher
2017-06-30 thru 2017-07-05 Firing cannons, blowing stuff up
2017-08-06 Odd signage
2017-08-26 Graham crackers
2017-09-20 How to cheat at dice with door pops
2017-10-20 The Asphalt Paving Day show
2017-10-22 A close marmot encounter
2017-10-24 Dazzle camouflage in women’s fashion
2017-10-29 Muskrats
2017-11-04 Making my BBQ sauce
2017-11-08 Unboxing some thrift store finds
2017-12-19 Things that drive me nuts about Christmas (rants)
2017-12-23 Hanging out with reindeer

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aNONradio welcomes 2 new shows!

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