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intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2017/12/02 – techno, big beats, electro

Gesaffelstein official site

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–> view the playlist on snowdusk’s homepage

title / artist
Freak / LFO
Spectrum / Metal Master
The Fly (Club Mix) / Global Sound Players
Space / Keoki
Robot Movement (Dexorcist’s B-Boy Bass Mix) / Bass Junkie
Rockin’ 2 Da Rhythm / Wax Assassins
Same Damn Sound / Wuki
Das Machines / Wax Motif & Neoteric
Cwejman Acid, Pt. 2 / Roy of the Ravers
Go / The Chemical Brothers
Arcade / Kevin Swain
Idiots Game / Phil Kieran
The Operator / Gesaffelstein
Proxima Centauri / Nicolas Chenard
Amyl Nitrate (The Hacker Remix) / Adriano Canzian
Electro is Dead / Sound Chasers
Rollin’ A Hard Six / Hydrophonix

tonite on aNONradio!


19:30-20:00 Dubious Goals Committee with tob
20:00-21:00 The Sound Show with mjt
22:00-23:00 hardmous with hardmous
23:00-00:00+1 Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with snowdusk
02:00-03:00 OpenVoIP
03:00-05:00 OpenMic

d00dz exploration at Heron Haven, teas, football, Pippa, analogue
hacking, and many other fun stuff – these are just a few of the topics
you will hear from the daily meetings of the Dubious Goals Committee led
by their chairman tob.

Listen to mjt talk about all different kinds of musical genres and side
stories behind each song as he explores his vast musical collection. You
might be able to catch mjt play avant-garde guitar — LIVE!!

2 hours of back-to-back electronic music shows with hardmous and
snowdusk — psy-trance and Goa Trance with hardmous, and then techno
with snowdusk — genre subject to change as the DJ sees fit of course 🙂
you might be able to catch hardmous play his own original tracks and
snowdusk pushing the wrong buttons!!

Open VOIP!! — Talk amongst yourselves. If you have no one to talk to,
maybe you can do a monologue! During Open VoIP, the SDF VoIP 1088
conference bridge will be streamed. Here openmic DJs can talk about
their show ideas, collaboratively improvise live art or discuss
anything. It is preferred that participants access the bridge using
their SDF SIP accounts. If you cannot use the SIP server, then dial
206-299-2120 and enter extension 1088 followed by the pound sign.

OpenMic!!! –> Your chance to be a DJ! Own the mic — livestream your
music, yourselves, your cat, your Mom, et cetera! Please go here for
more technical details on how to livestream through aNONradio icecast
server! –> http://sdf.org/?tutorials/anonradio-dj

Thank you for your continuous support! PROMOTE!

Frozen Music Playlist, Epsiode 28, December 2nd, 2017

EPISODE 28    
Track Name Length Running
Speedy Ortiz – Raising the Skate 04:13 04:13
Intro 02:00 06:13
Blues Pills – Little Boy Preacher 03:35 09:48
Bauhaus – Too Much 21st Century 03:53 13:41
Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller 03:28 17:09
Break 02:00 19:09
Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire 03:25 22:34
The The – The Violence of Truth 05:41 28:15
Approachable Members of Your Community – Millennium Queen 03:37 31:52
Break 02:00 33:52
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Pin 02:00 35:52
Househats – All Together 03:37 39:29
UNKLE – Hold My Hand 04:59 44:28
Break 02:00 46:28
Mane – House of Horror 03:00 49:28
Operators – True 04:55 54:23
The Vines – Don’t Listen To The Radio 02:10 56:33
Break 02:00 58:33
FawnDoe – Harmonox 03:13 61:46
Nanotech – The Rhinocerous Song 04:34 66:20