News to Me, Friday the 13th!

Ran out of time, but there was so much news today!


News to Me for June 29, 2021

Updated mixxx, and some settings got messed up. We persevered and got some news out though! 😀 Huzzah! Thanks for your continued support!

plat of food, melted cheese over chili with food under it along with rice and beans

News to Me June 21, 2021

Here are the news stories we got through most of them today! RIP penguins and hello to an elephant.

Comic squirrel sitting next to koala bear with porkpie hat on.  1 Squirrel How've you been man 2 Koala Eh, So so 3 Koala with squirrel bubble saying sorry to hear that 4 final panel koala says No No, this is the best i've felt in months

News to Me June 15, 2021

For most episodes I have a folder of bookmarks for the day’s news. I thought I would be able to quickly share them on the site, but turns out I’m not that consistent. I’ll try to remember. If you like having these posts please let me know over email and I’ll keep doing them.

a black and white drawing of a royal flush. the suite of cards is diamonds

News to Me June 9, 2021

Here are the news stories for Wednesday June 9th. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Don’t forget to eat something, and drink water today!

News to Me June 8th, 2021

News for your Tuesday. These are all the links I had ready to talk about, but you know I rarely ever get through half of them. Hope you enjoyed the show!


Rise and Shine! It’s KJB!

Mabuhay to one and all.

Never thought I’d have a show on Anonradio, but the dream has finally come true for me.

My show is in a morning news format, the first 10 or 15 minutes dedicated to reading the news and the rest of the 45 minutes to news analysis and topical discussion — and maybe even a bit of music jamming!

Timings are every Wednesday from 8am to 9am UTC. (remember to check your local times!)

Until then, good morning/afternoon/night, and good luck.

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