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LOW WIRE 01 20180915

Japanese grime! Thank you to everyone who tuned in live and if you didn’t then, welp, there’s no archive for this one. ?‍♀️

[Song]                              [Artist]
Queens Head Freestyle               PAKIN
Daydream                            Catarrh Nisin
KACHIKOMI                           RAP BRAINS
FAAAST                              Dekishi
PSYCHIC4                            140
Theme Freestyle                     PAKIN
THAT'S NOT ME!                      DUFFF (feat. Catarrh Nisin)
All you need is Club                TAQUILACCI (feat. 092, MON)
#FFF                                Dekishi
Talk Dat Talk                       PAKIN
Anythink Worth a Try                PAKIN
Japanese Workin' Rhymer             TAQUILACCI (feat. DEK)
Snake in the Grass                  Dekishi
Wot Do U Call It In JP 2015 ! ! !   PAKIN + KRA + RYUKI + nnn +
   (Ninja Ninja)                       ONJUICY + Lucky U +
                                       T-nology + MC Snow
Loser                               Catarrh Nisin
Are U Ready?                        140
Scientist                           TAQUILACCI
This is MC                          PAKIN
Meaningless                         Dekishi
Joe Bloggs                          Itaq + Catarrh Nisin
Ambush                              Beyond + F-lager
SUGOI TEION - Single                DUFFF
Serial Killa                        140
Dirty                               140
KKALI                               PAKIN + Damndef