Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 1005 – 2023/09/07



* – This track is not a Kraftwerk remix or cover. LOL. It looks like this Soundcloud user, the source of the track I played, has gravely misidentified this track. Oh well. But I do love this Camouflage track anyway so I’m glad I played it! But still, the blame is on me for not doing my own research before the show. Oops! Sorry!

Sounds of Synergy – 2023/01/11

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Covers and mashups of Propane Nightmares

All tracks were from a Soundcloud playlist compiled by utsuho, which includes other tracks I didn’t play and may potentially have new tracks added in the future.


  • Vassa Music – Propane Nightmares
  • Harson Red – Pendulum – Propane Nightmares
  • Zevs1k – Propane Nightmares (Pendulum 8-bit cover)
  • reaperkun – gangnam nightmares
  • BangingDonk – sick airshot
  • PRIZM█ – sick airshot mate
  • Flying High ~ TFARP Event – Valve Reps Rise Up
  • Temporary Flight Attendant 3: Plane To See – Slaughterers Rise Up
  • DaymanOurSavior – Panty Nightmares
  • DJKurara – Drenchcore Of Justice
  • DJKurara – Propane Look Ravers Mashtek
  • -Achromic- – Propane Nightmare’s (If Rob Swire used Garageband)
  • ptptaylor – Propane Nightmare (Acoustic)
  • whatthefolk – Propane Nightmares (Pendulum Cover) {Outtake}
  • Sam Onzo – Propane Nightmares (Ukulele Cover // Pendulum)
  • OakStay – Propane Nightmares (Pendulum) – 06-03-2014