Hinamizawa Phone Booth – Broken

This is not a new scene to the phone booth. We have been here before. Breakbeats, evil basslines, junglist intentions. The defining sound here is the relentless, brutally sliced, pitched and layered drums.

Some essential names introduced here – Shitmat, FFF, the legendary VSnares. Bogdan Raczynski and CDR, who have been active since before the turn of the millenium. Additionally there’s the return of the Bloody Fist label out of Australia. Sadly I somehow missed Spongebob Squarewave this week but we will hear plenty in the future. All tracks were produced between 1999 and 2007.

07/12/2021 – Amen.
  • Bogdan Raczynski – boku mo wakaran 24
  • Mirra – The Fall
  • Epsilon – Aim Self-Affliction
  • Soundmurderer & SK-1 – Dangerous
  • Cardopusher – Bring da fire
  • FRX – 061203
  • FFF – War Is In The Dance
  • Shitmat – Zagreb
  • Venetian Snares – Epidermis
  • Dev/Null – Rave5
  • CDR – 8+8+8
  • Enduser – Port666 (Line 47 Remix)
  • Enduser – Esb Rmx

This show marks the end of the prologue. In 2007 a certain artist would begin formally releasing works that would change the face of underground electronic forever, at least in the eyes of this humble DJ. Next week we’ll get into the dark purpose of the Hinamizawa Phone Booth. Stay tuned.