Half Hour of Power playlist EP17, 2018/08/01

In recognition of the extremely high temperatures that many places in the world are currently facing, the first half of tonight’s show featured tracks from the Ubiktune label’s “Summertunes” compilation album.  Hope everybody is staying cool!

  1. C-Jeff & Random – Marine
  2. Temp Sound Solutions – Ocean City Arcades
  3. Yerzmyey – AY is Not a Doorbell
  4. Malmen – Unbelievable Lips
  5. Rico Zerone – Empty Beach
  6. Svetlana – Bad Dudes Street
  7. Linde – Work
  8. Dr Vector – Life is a Bonus
  9. The Laohu – Bash of the Kaiju
  10. Tufty – Hot Guitarin’

Author: solderpunk