Half Hour of Power playlist EP10, 2018/04/25

Tonight’s first track was powerfully low-fi 1-bit ZX Spectrum music, to make up for the heresy of last week’s analogue instruments!  The second half of the show features two consecutive tracks from Disasterpeace’s concept album Level, which is “the narrative of an uphill battle, increasingly difficult and complex as it progresses, told through the sounds of the 8-bit electronic medium”.  If you liked levels 3 and 4, buy the album to enjoy the full eight level journey!

  1. Irrlicht Project – endciety
  2. MIND BODY ALPHA – Ballad of the Undead Gypsy (from 1-bit Wizards album The Journey Begins)
  3. Graustrom – Mindcruising
  4. Yerzmyey – Purple Galaxy (from album aTTraction)
  5. Disasterpeace – Three
  6. Disasterpeace – Four
  7. cTrix – DX Heaven

Author: solderpunk