Funkaliciously Jazztastic Hour – playlist for Jan. 2nd, 2022: Groove Collective Live Tape

We listen to the cassette tape that Groove Collective used to sell at their shows. I got my copy at a Groove Collective concert at Slim’s 333 Club in San Francisco, California in the year 2000. The tape is comprised of performances from late 1996 and early 1997, in Budapest Hungary, Burlington Vermont, and The Blue Note Club in Tokyo, Japan.

Groove Collective – Hopelessly Live: Sketches of Pain
Ms. Grier
Jay Wrestles the Bari Constrictor
I Am
Expansions (Lonnie Liston Smith)/Equinox (John Coltrane)/Rahsaanasong
Saturday Afternoon
Everybody “Unnatural”
Jay Wrestles the Bari Constrictor Pt. 2
Bass solo

Groove Collective – Everything is Changing (Swag Remix)