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Hi, I’m Dj Damaru. I’m mixing live from Kootenay lake in BC. It’s the first time that I have a radio show so I’m still defining/expressing what the show is all about. At this point, it will be a mixture of musical exploration mixed with yoga/meditation ideas, every Tuesday at 1600 UTC

Dj damaru?

I use the handle Damaru, as this is Shiva’s drum. I’ve been following the path of Kashmir Shaivism for over 20 years now while learning from different yoga and meditation lineage, so even dj’ing for me is part of the journey. The damaru is an hourglass-shaped drum which in the tantric tradition was built with 2 top craniums, connected together. Two skins are put on the cranium’s half and a ball is connected to a string, is attached to the center.


The evolution of the human race seems to be forgotten, buried below a load of consumerism. It feels like evolution should be at the center of our day-to-day activities or at least I’ve always felt like that. The term evolution revolution actually comes from an animated series, Aeon Flux, where the bad guy scientist creates a ray that would kill all the non-evolved humans and only leave the most evolved human on the planet.

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urban yogi hidden in the mountain of bc canada. mixing anything from noise to ambient, electronic to world beat.