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Welcome Gordon Raphael!

Gordon Raphael at work welcomes Gordon Raphael (dj gordotronic) and his new show Silhouette Shack which airs every Saturday at 0100 UTC here on aNONradio. His show will feature the various bands he has produced over the years and all over the world as well as some of his favorite tracks and mixes.

Play stream & download full archive

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DJ Zep finds Complete Archive 

Schedule is scheduled thanks DJ CZ

details for open mic show …

Anyone can connect to the server during this show and stream. DJ Kumata will take over during this time if no one is using the open mic.

login / mount: openmic

password: s8pF3mrKgms


format: MP3 / 192kbps / 44.1kHz

etiquette – While there really are no hard rules for openmic, it is recommend that anyone wanting to participate join the ‘com’ anonradio room or the live playlist / chat box on the site to talk with listeners and other openmic DJs. Playing one or two tracks or segments (whatever they may be) and then dropping the mount seems to produce some pretty interesting sessions. If you want to do longer, regular sets please consider join anonradio as a scheduled DJ.

Link that panicked everyone: