ASFO 2023–12–30

As the old year passes away, I try to leave with hope, rather than dread and forebodings. A better future is ours to build ― we cannot depend on gods to bestow it upon us. And that means we must learn lessons from what we are doing now and have done in the past, and let the understanding so gained (sometimes most bitterly gained) guide what we do with the awesome powers we have developed through scientific technology. Unfortunately, (in a roundabout way) because I was nearly crushed by a falling shelving unit an hour before the show, I ended up talking at length about computer technologies and their applications and misapplications, which is not my usual topic nor my field of expertise.

Several folded letter-size sheets of cardstock, printed with text and images. One lies open, revealing a bright yellow card perforated with a hole, in which a coin is pressed. Affixed to the card is a blue "Atoms for Peace" postage stamp,
Coin cards (see last week’s post) in their presentation folders, ready to mail
A heap of booklets. In large hand-drawn letters, running vertically downward, is the title "blast". "Sample Copy" is stamped on them in red.
Sample copies of blast, also ready to mail

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