ASFO 2021–10–09

After a week involuntarily taken off due to technical difficulties, I narrate my visit on 3 October to the open day at the Heinz Maier–Leibnitz Neutron Source in Garching, north of Munich. The “source” is a specialized nuclear reactor (but the people in charge of it will thank you not to talk about that), otherwise known as FRM–II, the successor to the original Forschungs–Reaktor München (Munich Research Reactor), built by American Machine & Foundry in 1957, and noted at the time for its ellipsoidal aluminium dome. The campus of the Technical University of Munich was subsequently built around this reactor.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2021–10–19 “The Role of Nuclear Energy in the Total Energy Mix” : address by Sir John Hill, chairman of UKAEA and BNFL, to the November 1972 joint meeting of the American Nuclear Society and Atomic Industrial Forum, in Washington DC, as reprinted in ATOM 194, 1972 December.
  • 2021–10–22 More extracts from the 1979 ENC/FORATOM conference proceedings ― the title of the volume, and theme of the conference, was “Nuclear Power Option for the World”.

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