ASFO 2021–05–29

This is the first ASFO show to have been archived, and was done by dialing in to the conference bridge (x1088) on the SDF VoIP system, also used for aNONradio OpenVoIP. I spent much of the time discussing the growth in energy use since 1700, why the movement toward a high–energy society is a good thing, and why it has relied up to the present on fossil fuels despite their obvious problems. I end with a cliffhanger, so tune in next time!

Supplementary Show

2021–05–07 I appeared on the Thingularity Radio Hour, produced by the Catskill Maker Syndicate and broadcast by WGXC-FM 90.7, Acra, New York, on 2021–05–06 (and rebroadcast the recording during my Hear Now the Words! tiemslot the following day, to get it into the aNONradio archives). Topics discussed included the well–worn “humans versus robots”, in which I of course came down on the side of humans. Robots don’t have a purpose independent of us!

Author: publius

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