ASFO 2022–05–28

Speech! It is at the heart of what we do and how we experience the world, as humans, and yet it is inherently limited by distance and ephemerality. That is, it was limited until the second half of the 19th century, when the telephone and the phonograph utterly changed that key aspect of human existence. Was this the “real” Singularity? What kinds of technologies might come in the future which could have any such effect on the human condition?

Supplementary Show

ZEPTAR – THE ZEPTAR SHOW rap hotter than the surface of the sun off the platters whack

29:40 You Cats Don’t Know Feat DMX
33:27 Days of a Criminal
39:27 West Side Death Row The Untouchable
39:55 The Rose That Grew From The Concrete

Listen these songs are not on any of 2Pac’s known catalogues they came out online to his fans and his enemies as an oh snap did you hear that media blitz which i feel proves that 2Pac is in fact been resurrected by The Hidden One so that he could bring a message to a dying world and grant him life after death on Earth. Now these songs have modern references and uncover other supposedly deceased rappers. I would list all the songs however I lost track of them after rockin these sets. Judge for yourselves these are annois dei 2Pac as it were. He is back and his enemies should be scared. He is a prophet that lives watch ya mouth.

DJ Zep