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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 750 – 2020/01/29


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Digital World – Trans-X
Ice Machine (Single Version) – Depeche Mode
Made in Russia – CCCP
Touch – Berlin
Listen to Your Heart – Roxette
Only the Lonely (Remastered 1999) – The Motels
Shelter (Album Version) – Lone Justice
Vacation – The Go-Go’s
I Touch Myself – Divinyls
Hold On – Wilson Phillips
Fire in Cairo – The Cure
7 Chinese Bros. – R.E.M.
Nowhere Girl – B-Movie
Book of Love – Book of Love
Never Surrender – Corey Hart
Love My Way – The Psychedelic Furs

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 749 – 2020/01/28

2020-01-28 04:34:00 +0000

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Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band

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Wie Sagt Man Auf Deutsch? – Air Liquide
Rest – Anahtari Sol
Go! (Radio Edit) – Publicc Service Broadcasting
Devil Girl From Mars – Danny Breaks
Radio Free Zerg – Starcraft
Soviet Onto Something MN84 RMX – Miami Nights 1984
The Mistakes of Trotsky – The Red Krayola
Ruckzuck – Kraftwerk
Why – Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band
I-10 – Japanther
Let’s Get Digital (parody of “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton-John) – Parody Case
Atomic Control – Rockets
Bad Ecstasy – Cocainewars
Destroy the Popollution – Binärpilot
Human Transmission – Konzept
The Virus – The Horrorist

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 748 – 2020/01/27

Bomb the Bass

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Bug Powder Dust – Bomb The Bass
Resist Mind Control – Skript
Voodoo In My Blood – Massive Attack
So Ruff, So Tuff – Zapp
Perpetual Dawn – Space Patrol
The Numbers Game (feat. Chuck Brown) – Thievery Corporation
Overdue (Blackbeard Remix) – Bitter::Sweat
Invasion – Eat Static
Lost In The K-Hole – The Chemical Brothers
6 Underground – Sneaker Pimps
M.V.P. (Master Vocoder Program) – J.D. Beal
Poison – The Prodigy
Ego Trip – Keoki
Gib Mir Meine Zukunft Wieder – Welle: Erdball 
Programmed (Thomas P. Heckmann mix) – The Horrorist
Dep Mode – Pig Monkey
Take California – Propellerheads
Silicon Valley – Elektroids

Dally Rhythms – 2020.01.26


  • Beta Function – Cherry Picking, Db minor, 122 bpm
  • Loud Control – Back and Forth (Gustavo Mota Remix), Db minor, 124 bpm
  • Groove Delight, Plastic Robots – Megatron, Eb minor, 125 bpm
  • Booka Shade – Neon Gods featuring Daudi Matsiko (Vocal Mix), Bb minor, 124 bpm
  • Sergei Spatz – Focus (Original Mix), C minor, 123 bpm
  • Darkon – You Wanna Dance (Orelse Trippy Love Mix), C minor, 124 bpm
  • Fritz Kalkbrenner – Enter, C minor, 126 bpm
  • Sly Faux – This Made You (Marino Canal Remix), B minor, 125 bpm
  • Underworld – Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix), E minor, 130 bpm
  • Platunoff – Sorrow Melody (Da Luka Remix), A minor, 124 bpm
  • Frank Wiedemann – Moorthon II (Original Mix), E minor, 124 bpm
  • Lane 8 – Undercover (Yotto Remix), C major, 122 bpm
  • Ewan Rill – Kinetic Energy (Original Mix), C major, 124 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 747 – 2020/01/26

Air Liquide (photo from VICE)

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First Transmission From Mir – Air Liquide
Stella (Video Radio Mix) – Jam and Spoon
Confession – M.R.E.U.X.
Wire to the Ear – The Horrorist
Respect – Biochip
Atma – Prototype 909
Mental Bodybuilding – Air Liquide
Bionic Control – Bruno Binary
Space Trader – Blastromen
Shake It Baby – Mr Dé
Earth 2 (Mix No. 2) – DJ Freddy
Coloured City – Laurent Garnier
Amyl Nitrate (The Hacker Remix) – Adriano Canzian
Dirty Harry – Gorillaz
Kone – Pan Sonic
Play It Backwards (Single Cell Orchestra Mix) – Bass Kittens

MTT 152 / Unstable Alignment

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2020-01-24:

  1. XY0815 / Hz52BChromblond 00:00
  2. Jus Wan / Miles Away 02:02
  3. Vromm / Restart 05:03
  4. Moresounds / Ruff Times 08:51
  5. Om Unit / Fumes 12:29
  6. The Aesthetics / Girl In Yer Tree 15:18
  7. Margari’s Kid / Titan 17:34
  8. Oliver Yorke / Totem 19:49
  9. Anonymi / Venturi (Jason oS Remix) 23:13
  10. Eschaton / Aphelian 26:36
  11. Crypticz / The Crawler 29:37
  12. Margari’s Kid / Darkness Is Older Than Light 33:00
  13. Earl Grey / Bermuda Triangulated 35:38
  14. dBridge / Creatures Of Habit 38:14
  15. Hooverphonic / 2Wicky (DJ Pulse Dub) 41:16
  16. Amen Fyre / Badboy Sound (Made In 2 Hours) 44:58
  17. Sully / Flock 48:01
  18. Intensity / Generations 51:48
  19. Art Of Noise / Crusoe (Aquasky Remix) 56:46

Here’s a link to the recorded show: with thanks to aNONradio for hosting the archives, and thanks to everyone out there listening.

TSR-The Server Room – Shownotes – Episode 10

pFsense Firewall

pfSense is an open sourcefirewall/router computer software distribution based on FreeBSD. It is installed on a physical computer or a virtual machine to make a dedicated firewall/router for a network. It can be configured and upgraded through a web-based interface, and requires no knowledge of the underlying FreeBSD system to manage

pFsense Hardware Requirements and Guidelines *Same as for FreeBSD*

pFsense documentation

Physical Hardware Appliances for pFsense, Mikrotik RouterOS and many others….

Great Appliances for pFsense *and Mikrotik RouterOS amongst many others* to consider before purchasing Netgate appliances (pFsense supported HW Appliance Provider)

I saw many promising ones on Aliexpress both in 1U form factor and in small NUC size appliance also * i found this seller reputable and with great customer reviews however myself have not had the chance nor funds to buy one yet but the 1U one linked here is indeed on my perview*

What is a Firewall:

A firewall is a network security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of security rules.

Firewalls have been a first line of defense in network security for over 25 years. They establish a barrier between secured and controlled internal networks that can be trusted and untrusted outside networks, such as the Internet. 

A firewall can be hardware, software, or both.

Terms regarding Traffic flow and link to an article of Data Center Architecture/Designs:

Egress / Ingress Concept

Ingress traffic is composed of all the data communications and network traffic originating from external networks and destined for a node in the host network.

Ingress traffic can be any form of traffic whose source lies in an external network and whose destination resides inside the host network. Ingress traffic can be from all applications accessed via a remote server or over the Internet.

Egress traffic is the reverse of ingress traffic. Egress is all traffic is directed towards an external network and originated from inside the host network.

Think for a moment that you are a router, your left hand is the WAN and your right hand is the LAN. Whenever you say Ingress, it means traffic is towards you, depending on the hand you are looking at. When you upload data to the internet its going out of your local network so the traffic is egress based on the LAN’s perspective but not the router, it will treat that data as ingress since is coming towards it. The only time it will be egress is if it finished sending it to its WAN interface out to the internet. So if you are looking at the routers Netflow data, the ingress and the egress will always be the same value; In order for you to get the true value of your ingress and egress data, you have to look into the interface Netflow data.

North – South , East-West Concept

North/South – Meaning traffic coming into and out of the network into Internet space, i.e in and out of edge firewalls and/routers.

East/West – Traffic internal to the network that doesn’t leave, i.e. LAN client to server and server to server communications.

Another explanation from Microsoft as a DC DataCenter point of view

East-West East-West refers to traffic flows that occur between devices within a datacenter. During convergence for example, routers exchange table information to ensure they have the same information about the internetwork in which they operate. Another example are switches, which can exchange spanning-tree information to prevent network loops.

North | South – North- South refers to traffic flows into and out of the datacenter. Traffic entering the datacenter through perimeter network devices is said to be southbound. Traffic exiting via the perimeter network devices is said to be northbound.

Spine and Leaf Architecture

Types of firewalls

Proxy firewall

An early type of firewall device, a proxy firewall serves as the gateway from one network to another for a specific application. Proxy servers can provide additional functionality such as content caching and security by preventing direct connections from outside the network. However, this also may impact throughput capabilities and the applications they can support.

Stateful inspection firewall

Now thought of as a “traditional” firewall, a stateful inspection firewall allows or blocks traffic based on state, port, and protocol. It monitors all activity from the opening of a connection until it is closed. Filtering decisions are made based on both administrator-defined rules as well as context, which refers to using information from previous connections and packets belonging to the same connection.

Unified threat management (UTM) firewall

A UTM device typically combines, in a loosely coupled way, the functions of a stateful inspection firewall with intrusion prevention and antivirus. It may also include additional services and often cloud management. UTMs focus on simplicity and ease of use.

See our UTM devices.

Next-generation firewall (NGFW)

Firewalls have evolved beyond simple packet filtering and stateful inspection. Most companies are deploying next-generation firewalls to block modern threats such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks.

According to Gartner, Inc.’s definition, a next-generation firewall must include:

  • Standard firewall capabilities like stateful inspection
  • Integrated intrusion prevention
  • Application awareness and control to see and block risky apps
  • Upgrade paths to include future information feeds
  • Techniques to address evolving security threats

While these capabilities are increasingly becoming the standard for most companies, NGFWs can do more.

Compare industry NGFWs.

Threat-focused NGFW

These firewalls include all the capabilities of a traditional NGFW and also provide advanced threat detection and remediation. With a threat-focused NGFW you can:

  • Know which assets are most at risk with complete context awareness
  • Quickly react to attacks with intelligent security automation that sets policies and hardens your defenses dynamically
  • Better detect evasive or suspicious activity with network and endpoint event correlation
  • Greatly decrease the time from detection to cleanup with retrospective security that continuously monitors for suspicious activity and behavior even after initial inspection
  • Ease administration and reduce complexity with unified policies that protect across the entire attack continuum

Learn about our threat-focused next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).

Scan your network for free.

Compare industry NGFWs.

Article about the Difference: Stateful Firewall Vs NGFW Vs UTM

GNS3 to the rescue to test pFsense out in a Safe Lab environment before deploying it to Your Network

You can test out and learn more and experiment with pFsense without messing up Your home network. GNS3 is just perfect to simulate everything You want about pFsense and Firewall Rules…

Getting Started with pFsense

Contact Information

Telegram Chat Group

Episodes in FLAC


+1 910 665 9191

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 746 – 2020/01/22


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This is ricardus –>

Don’t Change – INXS
Matter of Time – Berlin
Red Skies – The Fixx
When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What’s Still Around – The Police
I Only Want To Be With You – The Tourists
Overkill – Men at Work
Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung
Nothing I Need – Poppy
Ti Na Na – Huang Chung
All I Need Is A Miracle – Mike & The Mechanics
turning Japanese – The Vapors
Like A Prayer – Madonna
Valerie – Steve Winwood
Sounds Like a Melody – Alphaville

Tonight, we broke the record for the highest number of live listener count!!! We reached 36 live listeners! Thank you and Intergalactic Wasabi Mix fans!!

I am also considering doing this “SPECIAL DEDICATION SHOW” once a week for Intergalactic’s 80s show. Basically, I will choose an SDF member and ask him/her/them to give me a playlist of their favourite 80s tunes! Cool?! Stay tuned!!

I am also very happy to see our former DJs, DJ cat and DJ eggster, on IRC! DJ cat does an “openmic” style show on… and lately, he has been busy creating mix tapes! Check out DJ cat’s homepage here! –>

DJ Cat’s Mix Tape Site

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 745 – 2020/01/21

Korla Pandit

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Visa to the Stars – Perrey and Kingsley
Honky Tonky Cha-Cha – Esquivel
Baroque Hoedown – Perrey and Kingsley
Pelone Telefone – Korla Pandit
Granada (Instrumental) – Esquivel
Flight of the Bumblebee – Jean Jacques Perrey
Tiki – Martin Denny
Re-entry – Neil Norman & Les Baxter
Sleigh Ride to a Barn Dance in Sorrento – Raymond Scott
Love Without Noise – White Noise
E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey
Doctor Who Derbyshire 1987 – ’63 Full Theme
Misirlou (1958) – Korla Pandit
Telstar – The Tornados
Telstar – The Pyramids
Telstar – The Ventures
Passport to the Future – Jean Jacques Perrey
Cat in the Night – Jean Jacques Perrey
Fly Me To The Moon – Astrud Gilberto

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 744 – 2020/01/20

A beginner’s guide to King Tubby, the producer who turned dub into an art form | Fact Mag

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Dry Cry – Coki
Go Tell Them – Benga
Stand in Love – Lee “Scratch” Perry
I Literally Hate Your Face So Much – Loefah
Victims – Kode9 & The Spaceape
Earth A Run Red – Digital Mystikz
Marz Attak – Kromestar
Spliff Dub (Original) – Zomby
Bionic Horn Dub – King Tubby
Enter the Dragon – Lee “Scratch” Perry
Birth of Giants – Death by Dub 
Midnight Marauders – Fat Freddy’s Drop
Ikonika – Riposte
Zion I Dub – King Tubby & The Skatalites
A Little Bit of Dub – John Brown’s Body
All the People (Shamala Production | Suns of Dub)- Cedric Myton (The Congos)
Bush Weed – Lee “Scratch” Perry