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TSR-The Server Room – Shownotes – Episode 02


Security 101
(General Tips&Tricks about Passwords/Account/Security)

  • Passwords ( use different passwords for each thing) ( password management like Bitwarden sync across all your devices) rotate/change
    passwords every X months if you can
    2FA where possible, SSH keys or certificate based authentication where possible)
  • Accounts ( always disable and/or change password for generic/default accounts on machines like Admin/Admin, Cisco , etc.) f.e : root
    account i dont
    enable to ssh into my boxes by default use su or sudo for that)
  • Backups ( not directly but perhaps indirectly connects to this topic of security) have a backup strategy ( RAID is Not replacing NOR serves
    as a replacement for backups) Remember
    Harddrives ( normal or solid state drives) will eventually fail.. it is just the matter of when..Backup to another disk. to cloud. to Tape (
    they are cheap but tapedrives are expensive even secondhand but
    depending on the amount you need to do periodical backups of ( full or incremental ones) might come cheaper than building out a second NAS
    or purchasing HDDs to be able to ,,back up” data from source1
  • Security when it comes to Self hosted / On Permise Vs Cloud (Hosted by 3rd party) ( such as my Bitwarden password management instance) what I selfhost and I own
    is always safer than 3rd party solutions which
    can raise the fees from one year to another and say … if you select to opt out then you wont access your ,,password vault anymore” f.e …
    Dashlane / Lastpass / Keeper / etc. –> You do not Own Your own data, they have free tiers today but what about tomorrow? What about Your vaults security with all Your passwords at the hands of a 3rd party?
  • Physical Security ( whats valuable and precious best to be kept locked away) or at least make it harder to get physical access ( f.e my
    servers and switches in the 42U rack with the door closed with key)
    servers with their faceplate with key on (( these are not much and can be opened with a clip or screwdriver but might discourage accidental
    troublemakers (kids, cats)
  • Updates ( keep machines up to date when possible) patch vulnerabilities posted .. most of the hacks and malicious attacks use unpatched
    known vulnerabilities since X time and
    bets on lazy sysadmins
  • Extra steps/mentions/repeats ( to mention here Yubikes, Drive encryptions, 2FA again to mention, STRONG PASSWORDS, Disable or Change Default
    Passwords on devices-appliances)


Strong Password Generator


KeePass , KeePassX


SSH Keys Based Authentication on a Linux Server – DigitalOcean

2FA / Multi Factor Authentication

2FA Authentication on Linux Server – TechRepublic

Testing for Default or Guessable User Account (OWASP-AT-003)

4 most common types of Backups

Backup – Wikipedia

On Permise Vs Cloud

Physical Secuirty – Secure Your Server Room by HP

Importance of Software Updates and Patches

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 715 – 2019/11/27

Laurie Anderson

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O Superman – Laurie Anderson
Computer Age – Neil Young
Computer Games – Mi Sex
Metal – Gary Numan
Blockhead – Devo
Money for Nothing – Dire Straits
Go Go Yellow Screen – Digital Emotion
Space Invaders – Player One
Pac Man Fever – Buckner & Garcia
Atomic Dog – George Clinton
Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth
Computer Age (Push the Button) – Newcleus
Mr Roboto – Styx

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 714 – 2019/11/26

William J. Le Petomane (WJLP)

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Assignment Outer Space – William J. Le Petomane (WJLP)
Radioactivity (Rare Kling Klang Produkt Remix) – Kraftwerk
Telstar – Oldbloke
They Don’t Call Them Chihuahua Anymore – Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Having an average weekend – Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Popcorn – Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
Abmarsch – Bastards of Love
Digital Delight – Iko ’83
Saturdays in Silesia – Rational Youth
Zero Gravity – William J. Le Petomane (WJLP)
Kelly Watch The Stars – Air
The NeverEnding Story (Stranger Things) Dustin & Suzie’s Version [Cover] – YoyoBob
Somewhere In Time – Terrorvision
Your Content Will Arrive Shortly – Das Ding
Visa to the Stars – Perrey & Kingsley
Rock and Roll All Night – The Moog Cookbook
Planet From Outer Space – Atomic Mosquitos

DJ note: I had a technical glitch at the beginning of the show so when the music stop, please fast forward to 03:34.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 713 – 2019/11/25

Florin Büchel a.k.a. Contra Communem Opinionem (CCO)

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HACK THE PLANET! – Crash Override Computers
Computer Control (V2) – Socialist Synthesis
The Risk – I Am Robot and Proud
Popcorn (Binärpilot Mix) – Hot Butter
Problem Child – Stuxnet
Pocket Radio – Aux 88
Atomic Playboy (Follow the Leader Mix) – Space Trax
Raw – Technotronic
Twilight Zone (Club Mix) – 2 Unlimited
Hack 1 (Propellerheads Remix) – Information Society
Stuxnet – CCO
In Yer Face (Bicep Remix) – 808 State
Halcyon and On and On – Orbital
Hack the Planet (Hackers 1995 Movie Soundtrack and Dialogue Mashup) – Mix You Up
European Command Cyber Chief Talks Business at Marshall Center – Marshall Center
Om Machine – Eat Static
Computer Control – TecRoc
Computer Control – Bass Junkie
Computer Control – Carousel
Tour de France (Taber Remix) – Kraftwerk
Trust (Analogue Mix) – Zero One

Dally Rhythms – 2019.11.24


  • Aura Dione – Something For Nothing (Jazzbox Remix), Gb minor, 121 bpm
  • David Guetta – The World Is Mine (Grotesque Remix), Gb minor, 120 bpm
  • Cielo – Erotica (Deep in vogue mix), Gb minor, 120 bpm
  • Mika – Relax (Maxim Andreev Nu Disco Mix), Gb minor, 120 bpm
  • Clameres – Magnalia (Original Mix), Gb minor, 120 bpm
  • Jonas Rathsman – Complex featuring Josef Salvat (Original Mix), Gb minor, 122 bpm
  • Andre Crom – Tell Me featuring Dennis Degenhardt (Original Mix), Gb minor, 120 bpm
  • VIF – Warming Sequences (Original Mix), Gb minor, 125 bpm
  • Krash!, Bruno Magri – Like A Shaggy (Gustavo Mota Remix), Eb minor, 124 bpm
  • Oliver Huntemann – Rotten (Original Mix), Eb minor, 123 bpm
  • Chad Tyson – Striptease (Original Mix), Eb minor, 123 bpm
  • Him Self Her, Kieran Fowkes – Inside Out (Tough Love Mix), Eb minor, 121 bpm
  • Rebeat – Ne Me Quitte Pas featuring Jacques Brel (Original Mix), Ab minor, 120 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 712 – 2019/11/24

Pilo (James Ward)

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Radioaktivität (Pampsee Industrial Remix) – Kraftwerk
Hypno Freak (Original Mix) – Robotman
Ghettocoder – Pilo
We Need A War (DJ Hell Remix) – Fischerspooner
Shari Vari (The Hacker & Vitalic Remix) – A Number of Name
Die Lösung (German Version) – The Aircrash Bureau
Human Condition (Assemblage 23 Remix) – 00tz 00tz
The Virus – The Horrorist
Boing Boom Tschak (The Parallel Remix) – Kraftwerk
Flesh (Eats Everything Remix) – Green Velvet
Grown Man Cryy (Carl Craig ‘Brainy Gimlin’ Remix) – Aphrohead
Uranium (Halley Seidel/Radiação RMX) – Kraftwerk
How Do You Dance? (Telex Remix) – Telex
Slick Shot – ANNANAN & Maroje T.
Pegasus – Costello
Akzion (Mogt & Ruiz Remix) – Artefakto
Ikizukuri – Simian Mobile Disco & Roman Flügel

MTT 143 / In My Bubble

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-11-22:

  1. The Darkvoid Project / Open Eye Dreaming 00:00
  2. The Pad Foundation / Dream Sequence 04:45
  3. Autopilot / Pornscratcher In Paradise 07:53
  4. Jónbjörn / Salmiak 11:59
  5. The Wee DJs / Ripoff 15:59
  6. Fleck E.S.C. / Sleepless Pt. 2 17:35
  7. RD / Likwood 20:11
  8. Bitstream / Vic Twenty 26:20
  9. Kero / Drop (Lowfish’s Killed & Rekilled Mix) 30:20
  10. Jean-Paul Bondy / L.A. Is Burning 33:46
  11. Überzone / Botz (Elektro) 37:26
  12. Babel / Shaman 40:48
  13. Autechre / Are Y Are We? 44:08
  14. The Outsider / Hitcher 47:36
  15. Sigma Algebra / Pi 51:51
  16. Silicon Scally / Moment 53:43
  17. The Exaltics / Outroduction 58:47

and here’s the recording: Thanks as always to aNONradio and everybody out there listening.

TSR-The Server Room – Shownotes – Episode 01

Topics for Discussion on this episode:

Home Server ISP options
Can I run a server out from Your own home? If not what alternatives I have available?
Does it worth it?
Should I use My ISP provided Modem or perhaps replace it with a 3rd party solution?

I will use the first 15-20 minutes to give my two cents about the above and then I open the phonelines for comments / opinions / debate from the audience.

If no callers then I just continue discussing some parts of these in more details.

Voicemail and Calling queue configured on the DID|VOIP|SIP line…During the show calls are placed in a queue if the line is busy and when offline calls go to a voicemail so You can feel free to leave your comments and ideas that way if You prefer..


Links about running Your own server at Your home internet connection:


Cloud providers:

Dedicated Servers for an affordable monthly price at Hetzner

DigitalOcean VPS *Virtual Private Servers* Run Your Own Services such as VPN *Virtual Private Network* for as little as 5$ a month (( For Example Outline VPN a free open source product made by Jigsaw ))

Hardware recommendations:

Ubiquity and Mikrotik equipment ( Routers, Access points, Switches)

I purchase from Europe online at Eurodk ( networking gear such as the above )

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 711 – 2019/11/20

“Telephone Call” by Kraftwerk

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Baby Don’t Forget My Number – Milli Vanilli
Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) – Sheena Easton
Vienna Calling – Falco
Bad Connection – Yaz
The Telephone Call – Kraftwerk
Obscene Phone Caller – Rockwell
Lost Your Number – Nu Shooz
Mr Telephone Man – New Edition
Call Me – Blondie
Call Me – Go West
Telecommunication – A Flock of Seagulls
Hanging on the Telephone – Blondie
Our Lips Are Sealed – Fun Boy Three
Telephone Computer – Crazy Gang
Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.
Somone’s Calling – Modern English