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Dally Rhythms – 2019.08.31


  • Underworld – Glam Bucket, A minor, 126 bpm
  • La Fleur – Waves (Original Mix), Ab minor, 122 bpm
  • Federico Monachesi – Lunar Tide (Matias Chilano Remix), Eb minor, 123 bpm
  • Deepshader, Alex Byrka, Nazca – Floating Bubbles (Original Mix), Bb minor, 125 bpm
  • Bluetech – Honey In The Heart (Guy J Remix), E minor, 122 bpm
  • Theodore Ali – Take My Hand (Ignacio Sanchez Remix), Gb minor, 123 bpm
  • Shane Blackshaw – Nobody Knows (Andre Sobata Remix), Gb minor, 124 bpm
  • Dubspeeka – K130 (Original Mix), C minor, 123 bpm
  • Diego Poblets – Tobogan (Original Mix), C minor, 121 bpm
  • Stardesign – Dark Shapes, C minor, 126 bpm
  • John Cosani – Lower (Original Mix), C minor, 122 bpm
  • Dusky – Thoughts & Motions, C minor, 120 bpm
  • I Am Kloot – Avenue Of Hope, A minor, 97 bpm

Available for download in the archives.

New Show on aNONradio: “Butt Stuff”

We have a new show on aNONradio!!

“Butt Stuff” with buttstuf
Thursdays, 01:00-02:00 UTC

For more info about the show:

About the show:

Vinyl records 99.9% of the time. Almost no digital, except in some very rare
and unique cases (ie: testflight new tracks). All groove-oriented dancefloor
music, especially *oldschool* underground non-mainstream club and rave.
Basically, all the stuff that makes you move your butt on the dancefloor (so
“Butt Stuff” is actually kind of a fitting show name, IMO). Music will
primarily be from around 1988-1994, but years well before and after too will be
played. Genres include House and Deep House mostly (“club” stuff – because
that’s what I’m actually known for), but also Breaks, Breakbeat/Rave, Techno,
Funk, Disco, Downtempo and Triphop, HipHop, Ambient, and more. Also, from time
to time, promos and whitelabels from colleagues (and myself), that aren’t yet
on store shelves.

The show starts next Thursday (UTC)… Wednesday night in North America.

You can subscribe to the aNONradio calendar through the webcal link on the homepage.

Please remember that you too can become an DJ. Go to for info.

Please show your support for your fellow SDF member buttstuf by tuning in to
his show.

Thank you buttstuf and enjoy doing your show!

Myocyte 5

Thanks for listening [ download ]

  • Dreyt Nien – Alors que nous Basculons link
  • SINSENSA – Yes link
  • Bluetech – Into That Good Night link
  • Luke Abbot – Sea link
  • Cyberspeak Music – ⋒≀ℽ∪ link
  • J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest – Your Torturer link
  • Worker Parasite – Numing Number link
  • Afrikan Sciences – Magnetism Is More Intelligent Than Force link
  • PORT RGB – Today, I’m Going Online link
  • REQ – Nightsweeper link
  • Phormix – Savage Grounds – Hands of Cain (Eyes of Kleio Version) link
  • Oli XL – Jet Generation link
  • Vesa-Matti Kivioja – Wavellite link
  • Abu AMA – Naserii link
  • Shima33 link
  • Horseface – Silta Romahtaa link
  • Katsunori Sawa – Underwent a Pronounced Shift Toward the Landscape link
  • Rob Noyes – Nightmare Study link
  • The Black Dog – Tactile link
  • Klangstabil – Schattentanz link
  • Lycia – A Failure link
  • Furious Frank ft Ivy Barkakati – Ahora Si link

Myocyte Guidebook : How to Listen

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 667 – 2019/08/28

Gambit of Shame

>> Listen to the audio recording from the archives
>> View this post on snowdusk’s homepage
>> Listen/download some of the tracks individually from Soundcloud

Street Beat – Toni Basil
She Drives Me Crazy (12 inch) – Fine Young Cannibals
The More You Live, The More You Love – A Flock of Seagulls
So Cold The Night – The Communards
I Feel Love/Johnny Remember Me – Bronski Beat with Marc Almond
Our Lips Are Sealed – Fun Boy Three
Dancing With The Turks – Gambit of Shame
Charlotte Sometimes (Single Version) – The Cure
Mexican Radio – Wall of Voodoo
Moskwa Electronic – Moskwa TV
Yes We Can-Can – Treacherous Three
Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force
Surgery (Dr Dre) – World Class Wreckin Crew

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 666 – 2019/08/27

Polyphonic Size

>> Listen to the audio recording from the archives
>> View this post on snowdusk’s homepage
>> Listen/download some of the tracks individually from Soundcloud

Space Rejection (feat. Jean-Jacques Burnel) – Polyphonic Size
Meteoright – Futurisk
Re-enactment – Bronze
Melody in High Feedback Tones – Duophonic UHF Disks
Subsurface – ADULT
Pogo of Techno – Guyer’s Connection
Blue Moon (12 Mix) – De/Vision
Black Boots – Cold Cave
4th Dimension of the 5th Ward (Album Version) – Hardfloor
Baby’s On Fire – Absolute Body Control
Blue Monday (Played With A Commodore 64) – AnalogIstBesser
Space Team by Orgasmo Sonore – Bernard Fevre
Are You Kidding? – automat
My Kind of Woman (Poppy Cover) – ThatPoppy
Essentially – Japanese Breakfast
Daughter – Envelope Generator
Das Model – Kraftwerk

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 665 – 2019/08/26

Meco – Music Inspired By Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk

>> Listen to the audio recording from the archives
>> View this post on snowdusk’s homepage
>> Listen/download some of the tracks individually from Soundcloud

Music from the Close Encounter of the Third Kind – Electric Moog Orchestra
This is a Test (12″ Mix) – Boris Midney
Spacer – Sheila & B. Devotion
Red Flight – Dee D. Jackson
Model 1000 – Electric Mind Orchestra
Magic Fly (Space Cover) – Decade 2
Solar Breakfast – Rory Phillips
Spaceship – Electric City Cowboys
Distant Galaxy (Back to Laser Dance Edit) – Ernesto
Menergy – Patrick Cowley
Robot Is Systematic (Vocal Version) – ‘Lectric Workers
We Love Machine (FM Attack Remix) – Way Out West
Star Robot System – Bang Bang Robot
Medley: Star Wars (12″ Version) – Meco
Disco Spaceship – Laurie Marshall

MTT 130 / Distress Signal

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2019-08-23:

  1. Screwtec / Water Gate 00:00
  2. Aux 88 / Alien Life Form 02:04
  3. E.M.S. / Ginetik 05:40
  4. Go Nuclear / Time2Party 10:10
  5. Bass Junkie / Myami Style 14:00
  6. Silicon / Positive, Negative 17:38
  7. Nomadic / Metro-Mover (Extended Mix) 20:25
  8. Spectrums Data Forces / Telemaco (Systemic Remix) 23:57
  9. Exzakt / Sleeping With The Enemy (Alpha 606 Remix) 26:43
  10. Kronos Device / Sinister Synthesis 29:41
  11. Hydraulix / Basstown 33:07
  12. DJ Overdose / Crystal Boy (Space Adventure Cobra Mix) 37:14
  13. Radioactive Man / Sight & Sound 41:46
  14. Phonotronix / Electronic Intellect 45:00
  15. Jackal & Hyde / Bang (Ver 2.0) 48:30
  16. Chaotic State / Threat Con Delta 50:26
  17. Bass Junkie / Robot Movement (Dexorcist’s B-Boy Bass Edit) 52:33
  18. Cybonix / Let Your Body Rock 55:34
  19. Silicon / ID0 57:50

And here’s a link to the recording: with thanks to the aNONradio archives.

Buttstuf (Bio)

buttstuf (formerly buttstuff) is an old-school SDF user from decades past who recently returned to SDF to rekindle a long standing love affair with text-based computing interfaces.

A vinyl DJ of 26 years, music producer, and manager of two vinyl-only record labels, buttstuf’s programing features vinyl records from an array of dance-oriented genres that span many genres and generations of club, rave, and warehouse culture.

Be sure to tune into the Butt Stuff show every Thursday from 1:00-2:00 UTC for the best in underground, classic, and hard-to-find dance floor tracks. Additional information at:

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 664 – 2019/08/25

The Untold Story of Joey Beltram, The Techno Titan Behind the 90s Most Iconic Rave Anthems (VICE)

>> Listen to the audio recording from the archives
>> View this post on snowdusk’s homepage
>> Listen/download some of the tracks individually from Soundcloud

Anti-Corporate Music – Levon Vincent
Broken Toy – Clair Obscur
Guede (ARTBAT Rave Mix) – DJ Hell
Beach (Hector Couto Remix) – Mark Broom
Acid Bells – Efdemin
Gain Upwards (Efdemin Remix) – Orlando Voorn
Your Only Friend (The Flashback Circa Mix by Felix da Housecat) – Phuture
Future Modular – Planetary Assault Systems
Biosphere (2000 and One Remix) – Luca Agnelli
Modify – Truncate
Flying Turns (Eddie Stephens Edit) – Crash Course in Science
Shoelaces (Truncate Remix) – Josh Wink
Energy Flash – Joey Beltram
Don’t Stop No Sleep (Robert Hood Remix) – Radio Slave
That Ghost in the Machine – Marc Faenger
Paranoid – Kenny Larkin
Storm – Model 500