The Skylark of Space

Edward Elmer Smith, PhD
and Lee Hawkins Garby

There is a sense in which Skylark is the science fiction novel.  Its influence on the whole genre cannot be overstated.  It launched the writing career of “Doc” Smith, and pioneered any number of things which became cliche later.  As a result, I’m really pleased to have read it for you — and not at all pleased by the technical problems which left the recording sounding as though I was at the bottom of a well the whole time!


Chapter List

Numbered in the original with Roman numerals.

  1. The Occurrence of the Impossible
  2. Steel Becomes Interested
  3. Seaton Solves the Problem of Power
  4. Steel Liberates Energy ― Unexpectedly
  5. Direct Action
  6. The Object–compass at Work
  7. The Trial Voyage
  8. Indirect Action
  9. Lost in Space
  10. The Rescue
  11. Through Space into the Carboniferous
  12. The Mastery of Mind over Matter
  13. Nalboon of Mardonale
  14. Nalboon Unmasked
  15. The Escape from Mardonale
  16. An Osnomian Marriage
  17. Bird, Beast, or Fish?
  18. The Invasion
  19. The Return to Earth

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