zepnmoe episode #1 was a truely as stephen michael jones coined as overproduced mush oozing romance and im not quite sure it was a compliment or just an observation.

you see we were piloting a spaceship to planet zeptar of which moe was a part of it. i certaintly made her as much of those 4 or so shows we did together. also i recorded some mini episodes that need to be rescued from commercialland.

you know when barnacle called me after the summer i thought i was over her in life and just getting used to her precence that i feel. to forge my hand against yours would lock solid titanium.

now after moe and the m1-hs was put on high descretion for i have heard the cries of the devil and it saddens me to send all those creatures to the depths of the lake of fire and hell, hopefully a matrix construction rather known as the abyss. Time to think.

im getting my 🤳

get a lift