New Shows on aNONradio!

I only joined aNONradio a year ago and a lot has happened during that year. There are so many new shows! I’d like to welcome them all:

Elektro Grizzly Show with Dj Grizzly Mondays at 1300UTC

Dj SCM has not 1 but 3 new shows: Haunted Tuesday 2100UTC, Gray Selection Wednesday 2000UTC and Gray Reflection Thursday 0000UTC

Lipsy Gopher Show with Dj Screwtape Wednesday 0000UTC

Join in and chat with Nick on Nick’s Caves Wednesday at 1300UTC

Followed by my latest experiment of online Guided Meditation Wednesday at 1500UTC

We see a new show Thursday 2000UTC Flux with Dj Stug

Long time DJ but with a new show Bits in Stereo with Dj Iogama on Sunday 2200UTC

The Synth Batlle Royal which started this year now replays every day at 11UTC we’re on the 30th event!

And last but not least, the Vintage Computer Talk on open Voip, join the conversation Saturday 200UTC

I hope I didn’t miss anyone here! Join in the fun on com, register to the aNONradio mailing list and become a Dj on aNONradio!

Author: gef

urban yogi hidden in the mountain of bc canada. mixing anything from noise to ambient, electronic to world beat.