MC Catk111er logo

Yo! It’s dj-zep wanting to introduce myself as the rapper named catk111er.

This has been a project of mine since about 2017 and I recorded a few tracks on YouTube and one on Soundcloud and even got two comments from sdfers so thanks!

It’s more of a grimey ghetto-tech sort of still building my skills etc. So please search the name on Google and DuckDuckGo.


This is the official blog I no longer have credentials to edit (silly me) I hope you enjoy reading it.

In other news my anonradio show is on extended hiatus also propositions a new time and format speculation is that it will be well received and it is highly anticipated so thanks for the support.

Big shout out to all the djs and the no name curator on the admin front. Thanks for being a fellow dj.

Nao mi time to renew my sdf meta arpa!

(I have refrained from sharing links to actual mp3s here please check SDF ‘COM’ links, search youtube, Google and soundcloud to proceed catk111er further as in media)