gektek Radio – June 13 – They don’t make em like they used to


Happy 10th show!!!

…he says to himself 😛 But yup, today was the big double digit…show #10. It has been a blast so far and I am looking forward to…well, at least 10 more. Let’s keep the expectations low for now 😉

Decided to switch things up a bit in celebration I guess. Played a bit more of the classic/oldies. Some of my favs! I hope you enjoy and thank you for tuning in!

Still researching how to get this ^ to play properly in the WordPress environment. Until then here is the link to clickie clickie the old fashioned way –

gektek Radio – June 10 – Household Electricity

…I needed more coffee

…I mean Electro House! That was the genre I picked for today’s show anyway. I do hope you enjoyed it, or plan to enjoy it soon 😉

FYI, I am working on a few less random sets coming up in the future. Theme sets. Moar non-techno. Fun things…I promise 😉

because I’m stubborn that’s why! –

gektek Radio – June 8 clever stinger

Techno? Heck no! Ain’t nobody listen to that! …oh wait, ya, it IS techno…

Another day another show…thanks for tuning in! Lot’s going on so keeping this post nice and short. Hope everyone is having a great day out there!

oh, and today’s ToobNix vid is a bit longer than usual. A few bonus tracks thrown in at the end 😉

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hmm…still doesn’t seem to want to display the ToobNix vids properly. If anybody has tips to make that work t’would be quite fun. Here is the link in the mean time –

gektek Radio – June 6 aftermath

Hard Dance for the lovlies

hi hi all!

gecko here with gektek Radio. I think I might finally be figuring out how this all works…I think. Quick intro for my first blog post, my main goal for this silly little show of mine is simply to entertain. I’m big on smiles and safe places to enjoy said smiles. As long as someone enjoys their time spent listening then mission success! As for what content will be featured on my shows, today was Hard Dance, last show was Psy-Trance, and I’m pretty sure the one before that was mostly Alternative. Point is I play what I am in the mood to play since I am actually riding my music in AudioSurf (see video below if I attached it properly). AudioSurf is a sound reactive video game that quite literally lets you SURF your music library and it is beautiful and it is one of my all time favorites.

I have ideas for the future and I’m excited…I hope you’ll join me on this silly adventure. Thanks for watching, listening, and hopefully enjoying my slice of life that is…gektek Radio

If this worked…you are watching AudioSurf 2 gameplay from todays aNONradio show. If this didn’t work check out the video for yourself over on ToobNix at