Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 7 – 2019-03-23

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 7


Berlin – World of Smiles
Die Form – Savage Logic Remix
SynthAttack – Life Is A Bitch
Chainreactor – Kick Ass
Phosgore – Bloodbath
Terrorfakt – Headcase
Cryocon – Chaser
Fifth Era – Never Trust A Hippy
Daniel Deluxe – Brute Force
Dance With The Dead – Skeletons In The Attic
Wolfclub – Tears
Drunks With Guns – Hippo Stomp
R. Morcombe – Mister Cool
Roland Kovac – King Size
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Yesterday Brings But A Serpent Of Ash

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 6 – 2019-03-21

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 6

Sonny Crockett Appreciation Night

Berlin – Tell Me Why
KMFDM – Money
KMFDM – Juke Joint Jezebel (Poly Martix Radio Mix)
Cryocon – Hacker
Lazerpunk (Feat. Daniel Deluxe) – Digital Demon
Carpenter Brut – Division Ruine
Chainreactor – Mass Driver
Phosgore – Countdown to Destruction
ROBORG (Feat. TimeStalker) – Intruder
Darkside – Aggressive Soldiers
Wolfclub – Infinity
A.L.I.S.O.N. – Warm
Dead Can Dance – Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
Arditi – Bloodtheism
Aghast – Sacrifice

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 5 – 2019-03-16

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 5


Berlin – The Metro
SynthAttack – Final Salvation
Phosgore – Fuck You
Paradoxie – Serialkiller
Angerfist – Critter
Angerfist – Pennywise
Fifth Era – Ofe
Lazerpunk – Ego Death
D.R.I. – Commuter Man
D.R.I. – Reaganomics
X – Los Angeles
X – Nausea
Gun Club – Mother of Earth
Sabbath Assembly – Let Us All Give Praise and Validation
Sabbath Assembly – We Come From the One
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Vision Libertine
Satanic Ceremony – Summoning Satan

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 4 – 2019-03-14

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 4

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (D.R.I.)

Berlin – Masquerade
Chainreactor – Beat Control
Chainreactor – Wanna Break Out
Phosgore – Aggression Incarnate
Terrorfakt – Achtung!
Lazerpunk – Black Lambo
KMFDM – Son of a Gun
DRI – Five Year Plan
Gun Club – For the Love of Ivy
Spore – Power Behind
Sabbath Assembly – I, Satan
Jex Thoth – The Places You Walk
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Do Angels Never Cry and Heaven Never Fall?
Cemetery’s Rose – Energy of Life
Ophir – Aus Der Saat

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 3 – 2019-03-09

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 3

PTL Klub

Army of Lovers – Let the Sunshine In
Army of Lovers – Crucified
Berlin – Sex (I’m a…)
Chainreactor – The Powers
Chainreactor – Legendary Suffering
Eisenfunk – Duck and Cover
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – In My Little Black Dress
Arditi – Omne Ensis Impera
The Gun Club – Sex Beat
PTL Klub – Green Acres
PTL Klub – White Rabbit
Sabbath Assembly – We Give Our Lives
Sabbth Assembly – Exit
Neither/Neither World – Psychocandy
Ophir – Lichtwaerts

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 2 – 2019-03-07

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 2

Sabbath Assembly

Blood Ceremony – Goodbye Gemini
Coven – Black Sabbath
Die Form – Doctor X
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – ONANI
KMFDM – Light
Chainreactor – The Devil’s Trick
Spore – Fear God
Von Thronstahl – We Walked in Line
In Slaughter Natives – Angel Meat
Witch Mountain – Shelter
Sabbath Assembly – In the Time of Abaddon
Thayer Serrano – Quiet Now Your Bones
Ave Satanas – March to Death

Thinly Veiled Hostility – TVH 1 – 2019-03-02

Thinly Veiled Hostility Playlist TVH 1

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Death in June – Little Black Angel
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – A Song 4 Hate & Devotion
Die Form – Cantique 1
KMFDM – Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away
Puissance – Evolution
Eisenfunk – Eisenfunk
Chainreactor – Decayed Values
Roborg – Neonate
Witch Mountain – Lanky Rae
Weedeater – Jason…The Dragon
The Wardrobe – Mothballs
Ophir – Schlosstanz II
Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet

A link to my Liquidsoap script

Some folks have been requesting the BASH script that I created, which allows one to connect to Open MIC and stream a playlist.

The only thing that one would need to change in this script is the PATH to your local playlist. Mine says “/home/system/pig.m3u”, so if you change that part to the PATH to where you have your playlist, it should work fine.

Have fun!