ASFO 2021–09–18

Eighteen people in orbit at one time, for what must have been the first time, albeit only for about a day ; a brief discussion of the “9/11” show I could have done, but chose not to ; and I read the statement from the Prime Minister of Australia purporting to announce the planned acquisition of nuclear–powered submarines in cooperation with the USA and UK, and discuss why it makes no sense whatsoever.

Supplementary Shows

  • 2021–09–21 (yet more dial–in experimentation) ― More from Volume XIV of the 1955 Geneva Proceedings : a brief address by Henri Medi, representing the Holy See ; closing address by Dr Bhabha ; and an evening lecture on Radioactive Tracers and their Applications by de Hevesy, inventor of the technique. Also an advertisement from Nuclear Power, and a digression about the prospects for power from fusion, in response to a question from the audience (in the aNONradio com room on SDF).
  • 2021–09–24 (the dial–in feature seems to be pretty well sorted out now) ― Further advertisements (of a most edifying nature) and other short bits from Nuclear Power, including a suggestion from 1958 that the displacement of combustion by fission should reduce the danger of global climate change from atmospheric CO₂ buildup ; and an impassioned plea for honesty in discussions of energy, from the Proceedings of the 1979 European Nuclear Congress and FORATOM Conference.

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