Request a Tune for Бронзи Бит’s Café 80s

Café 80s – 00z00 UTC Saturdays on anon

Help shape the sound of the dawning of the weekend – request a tune for Café 80s!

Please Fill in the following form*>>>

00z00 UTC Saturday 11 July 2020
8PM EDT / 5PM PDT 7/10/20
10AM AEST 11/7/20

Only on #aNONradio, hosted by #SDF

*Yes, I know it is a Google form. Yes, I know they are evil surveillance capitalists. The form will be replaced with a nice FOSS solution when I local one of equivalent utility 😉 – I promise to not abuse any extraneous data that is collected by Evilcorp.

Author: Bronzie Beat

Lover of wavy waves, Cyrillic scripts, and pixels in 4 dimensions.