№4472 Flying Scotsman

Steam railway locomotive noises from an LP? Yes! But not just any steam locomotive, one of the most famous in the world, the last surviving non–streamlined “Pacific” (4–6–2 wheel arrangement) of the Gresley A3 class. Undoubtedly it was the great love for the Flying Scotsman that made possible the brand new “Pacific”, 60163 Tornado of the A1 class, which was funded by rail fans and completed in 2008.

Archive recording (By error, the 2024–03–01 broadcast included only side A of the record, played twice, so I ran a corrected version at the next opportunity.)

Steam shunting locomotive moving three "Excellox 3" nuclear fuel flasks. Ad from ATOM 265 (1978 November)
“From steam power to nuclear power” indeed!
Greenpeace poster advertising a U2 concert in Manchester, part of the "React" campaign against the Sellafield THORP reprocessing plant project.
Of the text on this poster, the location, time, and ticket purchase information is probably truthful. The rest? Nobody cares!

Author: publius

Fools! I will destroy you all!!