TSR – The Server Room – Shownotes – Episode 29

Dominance in Visio on the Workplace… Why not native Linux version if MS is so much commited and in love with Linux.. And No Browser only version do not count for me !!!

More Diagram Software Compared I started based on this article::::


yED or its commercial offering Graphity ( difference between the two ? good question?)

Interesting… The commercial offering for teams of size 10 or under can go with 10$ license per year * no need to renew after the end of 1st year if not wanted* and includes the below user limits and all the apps.. Very Interesting even for a 1 man team like myself.. I have to test drive this to see if its good for diagram needs where yEd Graph Editor is not enough and I need the commercial offering of Graphity

Draw.io – very basic



Visual Paradigm Community Edition – I think the most full fledged

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