TSR – The Server Room Show – Episode XX – #WFH The IT Industry are Ready for it But are Businesses Ready for Working from Home?


OOB Management and Remote Support Solutions are long existing for those System and Network Administrators who do not wish to go in or perhaps sit in a chilled Datacenter to do what needs to be done or support for what needs to be dealt with.

We did discuss those technologies in a previous episode already.

But this time I want to talk about the rest of the workers. Those other workers man and woman whos job would perfectly allow them to conduct their daily tasks and responsabilities without the need to be hands on or in person on a given specific location aka the corporate office.

WFH – Working From Home – The IT Industry is Ready Are The Companies too?

With Lockdowns all over the world in 2020 and restrictions imposed at our everyday lives #WorkingFromHome became a new phenomenon to many companies and
Will working from home be the new normal? will we go back to the offices or companies will cut and optimize costs to make everyone who can do their job from home being able to do it… saving the time and money on commute… reduce unnecesarry travels back and forth and only attend in person meetings with clients when necessary ( perhaps in meeting or business centers where You pay per hour for a full fledged service like a conference center), of course jobs where hands on and physical presence required will be still done on site and on location
But with the rest of the jobs which could shift to WFH , both employee and employer could save a BIG chunk of money reducing office space and monthly costs… OK You would need to start paying for Your own coffe from now on 🙂

IT industry is ready with remote working solutions, online reunions, teamwork and collaboration offerings/sw already.
Count in VDI as We discussed in a previous episode and with Thin Clients if You wish , You have low cost HW in the hands of Your employees who can work from home.

Author: viktormadarasz

IT OnSite Analyst for a big multinational company