TSR – The Server Room Show – Episode 59 – Calculators


I will talk about Calculators like Texas Instruments or HP Prime and Numworks emulated or running on Your computer or even on your android phone I think they are very useful addition to the built in calculators even if you are not a numbers person like myself.

Remark on this topic:
You should dump your own .rom files and flash/boot files from devices you legally own
Sharing rom files and other bits and pieces unless shared directly from the manufacturers website is illegal in most countries.


This is the one which started the whole topic. My colleague showed me one the other day and up until then I did not know anything about it.

On their website they state:

The graphing calculator that makes everybody a math person.

NumWorks is a French calculator manufacturer that has produced two models of calculator. Both calculators are source-available graphing calculators and have their hardware and software designs available under a Creative Commons license. Its first calculator, the N0100, was released on August 29, 2017 in France and the United States and is geared towards high school classrooms and students.The calculators use Python as their programming language, rather than a proprietary language (e.g. TI-BASIC used by Texas Instruments calculators)

The calculator was specifically designed to be modded using 3D printing, 3D models, firmware operating system source code, schematics, and board layout details available to the public under a Creative Commons License.[6] The software on the calculator is updated on a monthly cycle.[1] Updates can be downloaded to the calculator from its website using WebUSB or by building the operating system from its direct source.

The NumWorks calculator also includes an “exam mode” which removes all Python programs, resets all apps, and disables certain features. It can be disabled by plugging the calculator into a power source and selecting disable on the popup that appears.

On March 22, 2019, NumWorks released an app for iOS and Android.[7] It features the same functionality as the physical calculator except it does not have data persistence.

In their website they mention among its features:

Code in Python
Accurate Math (fractions, roots, trigonometry..)
Exam approved (SAT, ACT)
(Trace colored graphs using the Functions app. You can read function values in a table and retrieve the derivatives.)
(Computing probabilities has never been easier. Simply fill in the required information and compute. A graphical display helps you visualize your computations.)

It has a downloadable online version of it ( you can download the js file and run it yourself)
completely free.. How awesome is that


HP 300s+ calculator app from HP works perfectly under wine

HP 300s+ under wine

HP Prime Graphing Calculator runs correctly under wine for me
I used the 64 bit installer / version >
but the older 32 bit installer / version works fine too > HP_Prime_Virtual_Calculator_2018_10_16.exe

HP Prime Virtual Graphing Calculator running under wine

Emu71 Emu48/ Emu48+ and Emu42 and Emu28 Emulators

Emu71 is an emulator for the HP 71B Calculator

The HP48 Emulator Emu48 was originally created by Sébastien Carlier and is published under the GPL. The latest version of Emu48 can emulate a HP38G, HP39G, HP40G, HP48SX, HP48GX and a HP49G and HP50g as well.

Emu42 is an emulator for the Pioneer series calculators HP10B, HP14B, HP17B, HP17BII, HP20S, HP21S, HP27S, HP32SII and HP42S and for the Clamshell series calculators HP19BII and HP28S. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL.

EMU28 is an emulator for the Clamshell series calculators HP-18C and HP-28C. It base on the sources of the famous HP calculator emulator Emu48 and is published under the GPL.

Emu28 and Emu42 running under wine emulating HP 28C and HP28S calculators side by side
Emu48 running under wine emulating an HP 49G


Virtual TI app works just fine under Wine for me.

VirtualTI runnung TI-89 under wine

Wabbitemu i cant make it work under wine no matter which settings i select tough it works fine under windows.

wabbitemu works fine under windows.. could not make it work under wine tough 🙁


CEmu is a third-party TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE calculator emulator, focused on developer features.
CEmu works natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux. For performance and portability, the core is programmed in C and its customizable GUI in C++ with Qt.

i tried with a TI-84 Plus CE rom and it works just fine. I could not try the TI-83 Premium CE rom as i dont have it.

cemu under linux


tilem can be found on most package repositories *Fedora for example*

TI-NSpire on Linux – Firebird

This project is currently the community TI-Nspire emulator, originally created by Goplat.
It supports the emulation of Touchpad, TPad CAS, CX and CX CAS calcs on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and Windows

Installed under Linux I was keep getting segmentation faults when i was trying to emulate TI-Nspire calculator.. However with the windows release of firebird under wine i had no problem at all following the steps how to be up and running in no time.

firebird-emu windows version under wine works just fine


Notable mentions on Android (Ti emulators and HP emulators)

On Android you can have a tons of emulators which works fine

For Texas Instruments Wabbitemu once you supply it with the correct rom files and figure out in settings which scaling or setting works best for your phone , f.e on my Note 10+ i had to turn off immersive mode option so it shows the bottom bar and the top bar of my phone and the clicks are exactly on point ( they were slightly off with that option turned on for me and i had to aim a bit under what i wanted to click at but thurning this option off solved it and its dead center now and a pleasure to use )

Wabbitemu on android running a Ti-82 Rom on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
i had to turn off immersive mode so my clicks were dead center on the skin and on point

HP emulators on android sold directly by HP

HP 12C Platinum Calculator (18 euros in playstore)
HP 12C Financial Calculator (17 euros in playstore)

Screenshot Image
HP 12C Platinum Calculator on Android
Screenshot Image
HP 12C Financial Calculator on Android

Emu42 and Emu48 Ported to Android (free)

Screenshot Image
Emu42 port on Android
Screenshot Image
Emu48 port on Android









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