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My Switch from Gnome to XFCE

After moving to Fedora 32 , my Gnome Desktop started to behave slower and slower every day to a point where between a click and an action started to pass seconds
I first noticed in in Brave Browser Chromium Based Browser when changing tabs or in general just using it … then in VLC/MPV for playing back video i knew from before that
played without issues started to have lags and slight framedrops ever so slightly noticable at first.

I blamed Brave Browser, my rpmfusion nvidia drivers * i just cant get to use nouveau driver i never had much of a luck with it whereas the closed source driver works for me as expected always*
I did not get any further trying to investigate the above two not even switching back to Firefox and try other video settings for mpv/vlc * I use Xorg X11 , I wait till Wayland becomes Standard before I switch 🙂 *

At this point I start to think the issue either came from Gnome in Fedora 32 or perhaps some of the gnome plugins I was using == the GConnect for my cellphone connection and a kind of tiling windowmanager extension/plugin

Nevertheless I went an did a test drive on my DE I always use with other than my main system and I quiet like it. XFCE. I use it in a MultiMonitor Setup ( 4 Screens) and gives me no problems with my Nvidia NVS 510 GPU

I certainly can live without of those Gnome fancy plugins for Gconnect and Tiling kind of Window Manager thingy which worked 50-50% most of the time… Even for most of the things I liked in Gnome like Virtual Workspaces which I indeed use a lot as I always have a lot of windows open and apps running at once I enjoy being able to separate things to separate workspaces at all times. Nevertheless XFCE can use Gtk based apps * the ones from Gnome for example* so You dont have to live completely without the things You were getting used to. I was a long time Gnome user and honestly I dont mind to give it up for the snappyness of XFCE and to sacrifice perhaps only a handful of features I either have viable alternative for or I was hardly using it that much in the first place to have it become to a habit and to miss it so much afterwards I can not live without.

My main machine is nowhere counts as weak ( I d love to add a 2nd CPU 6core Xeon or switch them both out to directly 8 core ones and more RAM tough() ) but a 32Gb ECC DDR4 Ram and a E5-2600 v4 1,6 Ghz Xeon 6 Core machine with SSD Main drive and plenty of additional HDDs to store my things before I move them out to the NAS on the network can not be called slow.. The GPU is an Nvidia NCS 510 natively driving the 4 Screens I have … Its not a box for gaming but I never wanted it to be one.

Before I switched to XFCE when the problems started with Gnome.. I saw it was taxing my cpu to the realms of 50-65% of CPU utilization and Im not sure that It was very normal * hence I was thinking those issues I mentioned above about Gnome extensions or nvidia driver or whatnot **

Now on XFCE with tons of things open and my VM running amongst other things I am not really climbing above the ocassional 19% on CPU load (( attached screenshot to shownotes )) normally I d have a couple of things more open including my work connection via VMware Horizon to a Windows 10 VDI when working from home and +/- 5 things tops depends on the thing I need to do

I am always open to lightweight WindowManagers or DE (DesktopEnvironments) to try out. And as it may be that they call Gnome the king of the Linux desktop environments as always there is definetly a lot of options out there to try out. Most importantly whenever You experience some sluggish response from Your computer or it does not perform as it used to be.. Remember it is not always that its old and need to be replaced to have the latest and greatest most expensive most powerful machine out there.. cause as We discussed it previously We hardly really need that.

Perhaps try to disable some of those fancy features and extensions in Your system and see if it improves.. Or even better.. Give a try to other Desktop Environments and Window Managers out there. Gnome and KDE are not the only ones out there *but definetly the most resource heavy *

You might get suprised and Your machine responds again with the agility and speed You are used to from before… and the best of it.. Without spending a dime.






Specs sheet of my workstation

Author: viktormadarasz

IT OnSite Analyst for a big multinational company