I would like to extend my HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped out with 
our anonradio fundraiser drive last week – to all the DJs for their hard work 
and to our generous donors!

In the span of almost one week, we received pledges of up to $670! 
Unfortunately I do not have an updated amount of what was actually received 
by SDF (hint hint pending donations! :-P).

DJ livestreams started running smoothly last Sunday night with zero 
dropout! (There could be one or two dropouts but maybe from other causes or 
just the usual unavoidable ones). We had some challenges earlier that day 
but they were all stamped out within a few hours THANKS to the hardwork and 
dedication of our sysadmin iczer who had been working hard since Saturday 
night with the anonradio migration to a new server, updating icecast and 
reediting icecast/anonradio scripts. We had some challenges early Sunday 
but that’s because scripts had to be reedited to work with the new 
version of icecast. We dealt with the issues one at a time, posting 
every incident on bboard ‘requests’… iczer painstackingly resolved 
the issues. Later that day, iczer also identified a bug with the icecast 
update and resolved it so that listeners would not have to restart the web 
player. Please make sure you give iczer a digital hi-five and THANK YOU 
next time you see him here!

… we would not have been able to accomplish all of these without your 
generous donations. On behalf of all anonradio DJs and SDF sysadmins, I 
would like to say THANK YOU! 

anonradio will continue accepting donations to keep it running through the 
usual SDF donating process. Please check out anonradio’s donate page:

Like all SDF services, your donation to SDF help keep the services running
so please continue supporting SDF by subscribing to to its services and by 
donating (it’s Christmas time! It’s the time  giving! :-)… and by 
listening to anonradio of course!!

Please remember that all DJs on anonradio are all volunteers. We all help 
in keeping anonradio running. We enjoy doing our shows for ourselves and for our 
listeners. Thank you SDF for allowing us to show our own different 
kinds of ‘artform’ to the world!


snowdusk AT
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