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intergalactic wasabi mix – 2018/04/16


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title / artist
Cosmic Trip / Air
First Frequency / Deca
Le Couloir / Deux
On The Fourth Floor / Envelope Generator
Dirty / Hard Corps
flytta hav av is / Red Martian
Always Then / The KVB
Flesh / A Split-Second
Wire to the Ear / The Horrorist
Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix) / Air
Carousel / Melanie Martinez
Cowboy and the Vocoder / Red Martian
Radio Silence / Envelope Generator
Ziggy Stardust / The Moog Cookbook

Today I featured one of Powderpaint’s member – Envelope Generator’s (@envgen@mastodon.social (j’heck) on Mastodon) earlier solo musical creations — “On the Fourth Floor” from his album “Envelope Generator” and “Radio Silence” from his “Eliza the Android EP”. Please check out Envelope Generator’s Bandcamp site to sample and download his tunes: http://envelopegenerator.bandcamp.com. Envelope Generator now has a new band called Powderpaint. You can sample and download their new release “This Being” from their Bandcamp site http://powderpaint.bandcamp.com. Please watch the music video here.

Envelope Generator
photo credit: http://envelopegenerator.bandcamp.com

I also played a couple of tracks from our very own SDF band Red Martian’s album “Retrailing” — “flytta hav av is” and “Cowboy and the Vocoder”. Red Martian tracks can be sampled and purchased from their Bandcamp site http://redmartian.bandcamp.com. Physical media can also be purchased from the band’s official site http://redmartian.com. This is my favourite Red Martian album so far.

Red Martian’s “Retrailing” album (this is actually a CD!)